Amy Winehouse Stage Play Gets Cancelled

Production of a stage play based on the life of late British singer Amy Winehouse was suddenly put to a halt after it faced opposition from her father, Mitch Winehouse.

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The Royal Danish Theatre, which was hoping to launch the play on January 30, 2013 in Copenhagen was originally granted permission by Koda, the copyright agency, to use Winehouse’s songs. But after Mitch Winehouse contacted the agency through his music publisher revoking the production’s rights, the permission was then withdrawn.

“It is Amy Winehouse’s father who has thrown a spanner in the works,” Koda spokesman Nicolaj Hylten-Cavallius told the AFP. “We were told by her father and his lawyers that we can forget all about the rights for the music, the photos, branding and everything.”

The play, which was titled Amy, was written by an ensemble of 11 playwrights called “Det Roede Rum” (The Red Room) and was based around interviews, gigs, letters and newspaper article involving the late singer.

Celebrating Jimi Hendrix at 70

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November 27th is the day when the man who changed the guitar world forever was born. Now celebrating his 70th year, we reminisce upon Jimi Hendrix’s greatness as a musician and songwriter. With artists like Paul McCarntey, Joe Cocker, Andy Summers and the rest of his contemporaries from the 60′s Woodstock era still going strong, we ask ourselves this question: “What if he hadn’t died at age 27 and continued to live up to this day?”

Anyway, Hendrix may have died, but his legacy continues. Don’t worry if we won’t see him wield his Stratocaster guitar anymore, we will still enjoy performances from the classic Woodstock show on a limited run in theaters, plus an upcoming release of 12 unheard songs that are remastered by his producer Eddie Kramer and his crew, which will hit the shelves on March 5, 2012.

For his 70th year celebration, famous guitar players who were influenced by him share inspiring anecdotes about the man.

Black Keys Band Resolves Pizza Hut and Home Depot Cases

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The Associated Press (via Huffingtonpost.Com) reported that the Black Keys has reached settlement agreements with Pizza Hut and Home Depot, both of whom they brought legal charges this June for misappropriation of their songs in commercials.

The band sued Pizza Hut and Home Depot due to unlawful use of their song Lonely Boy, in order to sell power tools, and the song Gold on the Ceiling in a Pizza Hut advert.

According to the Black Keys’ attorney, the conflict between the Black Keys and Pizza Hut was already settled on Monday, while the Black Keys and Home Depot both ended the lawsuit earlier this month.

The information regarding the settlements was not mentiond in the court documents. Home Depot representative Stephen Holmes, a Pizza Hut representative, and the band’s press agent for the Black Keys didn’t present a straightaway opinion either. It is mentioned in the court documents that attorneys expect to file formal discharge for the case on January.

Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling are both included on the rock band’s seventh album, El Camino. The album has sold more than one million copies in 2011.

Here’s the video of the Pizza Hut commercial followed by the music video of Gold on the Ceiling:

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account Due to a Conflict With a Comedian Writer

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Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account for the second time since 2009, after engaging in an offensive exchange with female comedian Jenny Johnson.

The conflict began after Chris posted, “I look old as (expletive)! I’m only 23.” Johnson then tweeted back, which soon turned into an all-out flame war:

According to Celebrity Tweet, Chris posted, “To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These [expletive] crazy… Further proved my point of how immature society is.… Catch me in traffic.”

Jenny reflected on the war of words, “It’s alarming how many death threats I’m receiving via @ replies. I encourage everyone, including @Twitter to look through them. Not cool,” she posted.

So what do you think? Does Brown’s deletion of his Twitter account say more about himself than his posts about not being upset? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

‘Gangnam Style’ Surpasses Bieber, Now the Most-Watched Video in Youtube

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Move over Bieber, we have a new number one most-watched video on Youtube, and he’s doing it Gangnam Style!

Korean rapper Psy has surpassed Bieber’s Baby (posted at Youtube on February 2010), racking up a record-breaking 815 million views in just few months after the video was first uploaded on July 15.

The news came from a post by Youtube on its Trends blog, as you can see on Psy’s tweet.

The video has brought international success to Psy, thanks to his meme-styled outfit, the dance moves that got everybody totally gone crazy imitating it and of course, the Internet.

Watch the video all over again.

No Satisfaction At All At Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour

Talk about irony. Fans of the rock legend Rolling Stones didn’t get the satisfaction they were hoping for on Sunday night when time – or rather the curfew, to be exact – caught up with the program schedule and prevented the British band from performing one of their three encore songs: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

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The rock icons were scheduled for a two-and-a-half-hour performance at the O2 Arena, which was supposed to start at 8PM sharp but Mick Jagger and the rest of his crew didn’t get to appear on stage until almost 8:30PM. That said, what could’ve been the band’s 30-minute window was already lost and therefore also left with nothing more than one extremely tight timetable.

This is the Rolling Stones’ first time to take the stage together once again since 2007. It is also just the first of their five-date mini tour to commemorate their 50th anniversary seeing them being joined by former members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

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I guess the fans just had to settle for singing what turned out to be a very fitting song to sing at the end…in a capella.

Russian Court Drops Lawsuit Against Madonna

Madonna has just managed to avoid paying $10.7 million worth in damages on Thursday as a Russian court decided to dismiss the lawsuit filed against her by nine individuals for showing her support for the gay community during her concert in St. Petersburg last August 9. Russia has passed a law in February banning the promotion of homosexuality [to minors].

The suit was filed after the 54-year-old singer and her band waved LGBT flags on stage during one of her performances. Plaintiffs also claim that Madonna and her crew handed out pink anti-homophobia wristbands and urged her audience to support the gay community by telling them to “fight for the right to be free.”

The judge however stressed that Madonna’s show was clearly only intended for audiences 18 years old and above, given that the tickets were marked “18+”, hence anyone below that age were not even supposed to be attending the concert. The law after all, only covers “acts” involving minors.

News website reported that a spokeswoman for an anti-gay group called the Union of Russian Citizens said that its lawyers would appeal.

Madonna’s speech in St. Petersburg:

Madonna Shows Up Late, Keeps Fans Waiting For Over 3 Hours

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Madonna has angered her fans during her Monday night show in Miami after showing up late on stage, keeping everyone waiting for more than 3 hours.

The pop star started around 11:30 p.m., hours after her opening act DJ Paul Oakefonld finished the set around 10 p.m., which kicked off at 8 p.m.

Fans definitely got angry with rants started to go on trending on social media sites like Twitter. One of them was Perez Hilton, who lives in Miami, and tweeted right after 11:30 p.m. about the singer’s tardiness. Some demanded refunds and were about to leave the venue.

But after Madonna showed up and performed on stage, everything seemed to be okay again, with fans grooving to her music.

Although her MDNA album wasn’t selling that well compared to her previous albums, her tour has proven otherwise. The shows, according to Billboard’s Boxscore, have already earned around $233 million.

Watch footage from a concert goer which shows empty seats from the venue.

Big Boi Releases Music Video For ‘Mama Told Me’

Big Boi, the other half of the hip hop duo OutKast that isn’t Andre 3000, has just released the music video for his latest hit Mama Told Me. The track, which is a follow-up to She Said OK also features former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and as the title implies, it’s a song where the rapper shares a few of the lessons he learned from the woman who brought him up in to this world.

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Produced in collaboration with The Flush, the song has that 80s electro-funk backdrop that even contains references to the arcade games of that era that the video kind of complements with its bright, colorful and eye-popping neons. Big Boi even describes it as “a surreal fantasy land, in which me and the beautiful Kelly Rowland are going to really electrify your mind.”

Mama Told Me will be included in Big Boi’s upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, which will be released on December 11.

Check out the music video below:

Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan Albums Included in Grammy Hall of Fame

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In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Grammy Hall of Fame, it has included 27 new albums that include Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run and Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’. OTher artists include AC/DC, Frank Sinatra, Elton John and more.

The Grammy Hall of Fame started in 1973 by The Recording Academy’s National Trustees, honoring the recorded albums that has historical significance for at least 25 years old.

The 55th Grammy Awards will air on February 10, 2013.

Check out the complete list of inductees.

Wings’ Band on the Run

Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’.