Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Named Presenters and Performers

Image source: Rollingstone.Com

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum has named the presenters and performers to the 28th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in April.

Among the names of presenters included in the list are Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and John Mayer. Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera will perform in honor of the late Donna Summer, who died last year.

Mayer, meanwhile, will induct blues legend Albert King and he will be performing together with Gary Clark Jr. Mayer has just sang for the first time at a benefit in Montana after being diagnosed with throat granuloma and had it removed via surgery.

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters with induct progressive rock icon Rush. The band will perform along with Grohl and Hawkins.

The event will be held at the Nokia Thetre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on April 18.

Watch Rush’s performance of The Anarchist.

A$AP Rocky Premieres Official Video For ‘Wild For The Night’

Rapper/music director ASAP Rocky just released the official music video for his newest single entitled Wild For The Night. The video was shot in the Dominican Republic and shows the 24-year-old rapper regulatin’ on rooftops and in narrow streets of a poverty-stricken local town on a scooter together with electronic/dubstep DJ Skrillex and DJ crew Birdy Nam Nam.

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The Harlem MC and his crew spent their island getaway mobbing with the locals, getting acquainted with the some of the country’s popular women, and starting an underground hip-hop/electronic dance party.

Wild For The Night is A$AP’s latest single coming off of his major label debut, LongLiveASAP, which was launched in January and is available for purchase on iTunes.

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A$AP Rocky is currently performing in Rihanna’s North American Diamonds World Tour.

Watch the video below:

My Chemical Romance Splits

After 12 years of jamming together, making four studio albums (with nearly 5 million sold), and once being for a Grammy nomination, alternative rock band My Chemical Romance has announced on Friday, March 22, that they’ve finally decided to call it quits.

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The band made the announcement by posting a short statement on their official website which read, “Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go places we never knew we would. We’ve been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We’ve shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all your support, and for being part of the adventure.”

Frontman Gerard Way even tweeted about what he felt about the band’s breakup, which said,

Beyond any sadness, what I feel the most is pride.…

— Gerard Way (@gerardway) March 23, 2013

…and then followed it up with a much lengthier tweet on Sunday where he revealed more details about the breakup, his hope for the future, and his gratitude to all the band’s loyal fans.

Bruna Nessif of EOnline said it best by writing, “It looks like the chemistry has faded, and now this romance is over.” Though I think their song Famous Last Words can also be fitting.

My Chemical Romance’s career rose as they went on doing the Warped Tour and debuted Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. They were also responsible for bringing us hits like I Brought You My Bullets and You Brought Me Your Love.

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher Perform Together On Stage

Image source: Telegraph.Co.Uk

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher have joined together and performed on stage with Paul Weller on drums and Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. Finally, the news that we’ve been waiting for has come true.

It would be remembered that 20 years ago, the two were not on good terms. Their respective bands, Blur and Oasis, have now buried the hatchet and it was a night of peace at the Royal Albert Hall. Noel Gallagher played acoustic guitar and sang as backing vocals for Albarn and Coxon, who performed Blur’s 1999 hit Tender. And to seal the approval of the erstwhile enemies, was no other than the Modfather himself, Paul Weller.

The audience celebrated this unforgettable event as they witnessed this surprise collaboration. Albarn celebrated his 45th birthday to make it doubly special.

Gallagher, who was responsible for the charity’s week of concerts, also performed with his band High-Flying Birds.

Watch Blurasis perform Tender.

Courtney Love To Be Featured In New Fall Out Boy Album

When Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz teased the fans to guess who they got to perform in their upcoming album Save Rock & Roll, he hinted at a hair color:

The fans’ answers ranged from Miley Cyrus to Madonna (and even Taylor Swift) but no one got close to the right answer so it’s good thing that the band revealed who it was the next day, Thursday, March 21, by posting it on their Twitter account.

Yep, that’s right. It’s none other than Kurt Cobain’s widow and Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love. The 6-second video embedded on the tweet features a snippet of the song as pictures of C-Love is flashed on the screen in rapid-fire succession with her declaring “It’s Courtney, bitch.”

Image source: Spin

Aside from Love, Wentz has also confirmed that the new album would feature Elton John in the collaboration after vocalist Patrick Stump tweeted a picture of himself together with the British legend in a studio with a hashtag “save rock and roll.”

The album Save Rock & Roll is said to be released on April 16.

Suicidal Tendencies to Release New Music After 13 Years

Image source: Loudwire.Com

Suicidal Tendencies are back after 13 years and the legendary punk rockers will release new music.

The new album, titled 13, was produced by Mike Muir and Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Ozzy Osbourne, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Infectious Grooves). Its release will mark the 30th anniversary of the band. As what the band has posted on their website, the album will be released 13 years since their last record, their 13th album, 13 new songs and out in 2013. It seems that 13 is their lucky number.

Aside from their announcement of the new album release, they have a video which has now spread around the Internet. Cyco Style was filmed in Brazil and was cut through their live show in front of a wild audience in a mosh pit.

Rilo Kiley to Release New Album of Rarities

Source image: Bringthenoiseuk.Com

Indie rock band Rilo Kiley may have been on a hiatus but they have announced a new album RKives coming out on May 2013, to be released through Little Record Company. The album, though, features unreleased tracks and rarities which have never been heard.

It will be available on CD, double vinyl and digital formats, with personal photos, collage and handwritten lyrics to accompany them. The artwork for the alum is designed by the band members with cover image by de Reeder.

The sixteen tracks on RKives is a collection of songs that spanned through the band’s ten-year career. These are their b-sides, demos and previously hard to find tunes.

Tracklist (* – previously unreleased track):

1. Let Me Back In *
2. It’ll Get You There *
3. Runnin’ Around *
4. All The Drugs *
5. Bury, Bury, Bury Another *
6. Well, You Left *
7. Draggin’ Around
8. I Remember You
9. Dejalo (Zondo Remix featuring Too $hort)
10. A Town Called Luckey
11. Emotional
12. American Wife
13. Patiently
14. Rest of My Life (demo) *
15. About the Moon
16. The Frug

Watch the official video of Let Me Back In.

Review: 30 Seconds To Mars Launches New Single From Space

30 Seconds to Mars’s release of their brand-new single was totally out of this world… literally! On Monday, March 18, the American rock band from Los Angeles launched the first track from their upcoming album into outer space via NASA’s SpaceX cargo mission and had the astronauts in the International Space Station play it there first at midnight GMT as they orbit 230 miles above the Earth.

Image source: Hypable

The track, titled Up in the Air, will be included in the band’s fourth album Love Lust Faith + Dreams as it hits the stores on May 21st, worldwide through Virgin EMI Records.

If you have been listening to the band since 2005, the first thing you’ll notice is how the song sounds a bit different from the rest of their material; it sounds less rock and more pop – or as what some people call it, more commercial.

There’s been a mixed reaction from fans regarding this change, and I’m one of those who didn’t like it. Not that I’m saying that the band’s decision to take on a different musical route is bad, it’s just that I like the sound of their earlier works better than what they’ve been coming up with lately.

Now before any of you go ballistic on me for what I just said, let me just say that I’m very much aware that there comes a point where an artist needs to change and evolve. I’m just saying that, for some reason, I still just couldn’t bring myself to go with where the band is going. Maybe eventually, I will. Call it wishful thinking but I’m still hoping that the rest of the other tracks on this album don’t sound like this one, or some of them at least.

Review: Mad Season’s ‘Locomotive’ featuring Mark Lanegan

Grunge supergroup Mad Season will be releasing a deluxe reissue of their only album Above this April. It includes a rare final live performance of the band with late members Layne Staley and John Baker Saunders still in the group. The band’s existence was rather short, but it left a legacy among rock fans in the 90’s.

The group was composed of Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready (guitar), Screaming Trees’ Barrett Martin (drums), the late John Baker Saunders (bass), and the late singer Layne Staley of Alice in Chains.

Although they only had one album, the remaining members McCready and Martin will be releasing new materials, songs that were not finished following the deaths of Saunders and Staley. And there’s no other guy more suited to handle the vocal choirs than Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees.

Lanegan was also part of the album Above, singing and co-writing for a few tracks. And this new song Locomotive brings back the good old memories of the grunge era.

Locomotive was written by Lanegan and it features his singing prowess, with that haunting Morrisson-ish vibe. The song relives 90’s angst, which makes me head bang as I listen to the track. It definitely represents the band’s direction for their second, unfinished LP.

Of course, McCready’s wailing guitar solos are fantastic, though I think he overdubbed some parts that made it two solos at same time. Martin’s drumming hasn’t changed, with that percussive power and finesse.

Listen to Mad Season’s Locomotive with Mark Lanegan on vocals.

Michelle Shocked Enrages Fans with Sharp Anti-Gay Rant

Image source: Now.Msn.Com

Alternative folk-rock singer and Lilith Fair regular Michelle Shocked has shocked her big audience at San Francisco’s Yoshi bar as she launched a tirade against homosexual and gay marriage on Sunday night.

The now born-again Christian singer was quoted saying, ‘gay marriage would cause the end of the world’, which enraged the crowd and left the venue after her offending speech. Details of her comments are unclear whether it was just a joke or serious thought. But it seemed Shocked was sincere about it.

Before the venue announced that the show was over, most of the audience had already walked out. Fans who were there at the show tweeted their own rants as they were disappointed with what happened during the night.

As of the moment, reps for Shocked couldn’t be reached for comments.

You can listen to her exchange with the audience, which eventually turned slightly heated, via this recording: