Beastie Boys Sign ‘Multidimensional’ Book Deal

Surviving members of renowned hip-hop trio Beastie Boys, Michael Diamond (Mike D) and Adam Horowitz (Ad-Rock) have signed a book deal with Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group, for a biography chronicling the group’s illustrious history and aesthetic. Its title is yet to be announced until later this week and a release date of fall 2015 have already been set. According to the assigned publisher, the remaining pair are, “interested in challenging the form and making the book a multidimensional experience,” adding that there’ll be “a kaleidoscopic frame of reference, and it asks a reader to keep up.”

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Hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins is said to handle the editing, reports The New York Times, featuring contributions by other writers, as well as a “strong visual component.” The group’s agent, Luke Janklow, was also quoted as to saying that, “The first words out of Mike’s mouth were, ‘ I don’t want to do a straight memoir.’” He also added that this had been an idea f Mike for some time, saying, “After Yauch died, I didn’t push them, but I think that Adam and Mike ended up realizing that it was the right time for them.”

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Both Grau and Jankow compared the forthcoming book to the group’s short-lived magazine published in the 1990s, titled Grand Royal.

Grau was also the one behind Jay-Z’s 2010 book Decoded.

Serj Tankian to Release Two Albums

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Itching for a new System of a Down record? The band hasn’t released new materials yet but this summer there’s something to look forward to as frontman Serj Tankian is set to release not one, but two independent records under his label Serjical Strike Records. Both albums are far different from each other as well as the band’s repertoire.

Album one is titled Orca, a symphonic work that is based on classical music. It is described as the first true symphony for Tankian which is due for a June 25 release.

Album two, Jazz-iz Christ, is a 15-track fusion of progressive, electro-jazz with touch of rock and ethnic influences. The album also features collaborations with different artists that include Stewart Copeland (drummer of The Police), pianist Tigran Hamasyan, flutist Valeri Tolstov and trumpet player Tom Duprey. It will be released on July 23rd.

The albums will also be available on iTunes and on Serjical Strike Records’ website.

Mariah Carey Releases Teaser Video For New Single ‘Beautiful’

Mariah Carey has released a teaser video for her new collaboration with R&B singer Miguel on Thursday, entitled #Beautiful. The announcement was made via Twitter, as the American Idol judge posted a message that was accompanied by a link to the video clip.

The reveal comes two days after Miguel shot down reports that he had recorded a track with the 43-year-old pop diva. This is Carey’s first new music since Almost Home, a track that was included on the original motion picture soundtrack of the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, which was shown only earlier this year. The soul siren hasn’t released a non-holiday album since 2009’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

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Beautiful is due out on May 6 and will appear on Carey’s highly anticipated fourteenth studio album.
Watch the 26-second teaser below:

Metallica 3D Movie Coming to IMAX Theaters

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Metallica has released the official details of their upcoming 3D film Metallica Through the Never. It will premiere on September 27 in IMAX theaters all over North America. The full release has been rescheduled from August 9 to October 4.

The metal rock band giant shot the film over three shows in Vancouver last August. The show featured different gimmicks such as pyrotechnics displays, floating coffins and other special effects. Through the Never mixes live footage of the band, CGI, and a narrative arc of fictional crew member who’s on a mission during the show played by Dane DeHaan.

The band is currently putting the finishing touches of the film and encourages fans to stay tuned via their website for further announcements. This will be the first film to debut on IMAX’s super-sized screens. Nimrod Antal directed the film and released under Picturehouse.

Sales Rise For Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ After Boston Bombing

Neil Diamond’s classic song Sweet Caroline suddenly saw a surge in sales over the past week after the Boston Marathon bombing that happened on April 15th. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the song sold over 2,800 tracks last week and 19,000 this week. Sales are said to be 597% and to date, the song has already sold 1.75 million tracks. A representative for Diamond said that the singer will donate royalties from the song to the victims of the marathon bombing.

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The 1969 song is actually addressed to Caroline Kennedy and makes no reference whatsoever about the Massachusetts city, but it has been a staple of every Boston Red Sox game for more than a decade as the team adopted and played it regularly at Fenway Park. Since then, the fans, as they say, simply just took to it.

It has also been reported that other sports teams like the New York Yankees and the Toronto Raptors have also played the song at their games in the days following the incident.

Katy Perry Seeking a Heartbreak Coach

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After splitting up with singer/songwriter John Mayer last month, Katy Perry is reportedly seeking a ‘heartbreak coach’ for assistance with coping with her emotional state.

Sources have said that although Perry was sad about parting ways with Mayer, she is moving on and is looking for professional help because the relationship with him made her probably realize that the issues from her previous relationship with Russell Brand was unaddressed and the only way to resolve it is by seeing an expert.

It has been thought that she is following a program similar to Aurora Winter’s, a heartbreak coach in L.A. for 20 years.

In related news, the singer has put an end to rumors about distancing herself from Rihanna after the two pop superstars had a Twitter bash on Wednesday. The reason behind the rumor was about Rihanna reuniting with her ex Chris Brown, but they’ve put the speculations behind them by exchanging tweets. Admits To “Accidentally” Stealing A Song

Black Eyed Peas member found himself in hot water once again after being accused of stealing a song for his latest collaboration with Chris Brown titled Let’s Go. The ‘stolen property’ in question is that of the beat from DJ Arty’s song Rebound. Just a few days ago, the Russian producer pointed out on his Twitter page that Anjunabeats, the label that owns the rights to his song, never worked on any deal with’s team granting rights to use the beat/song. remained silent on the matter until he went on KIIS-FM on Tuesday, April 23, where he eventually spoke out and admitted that he has indeed used the other artist’s material.

“Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to Rebound this last year,” he said. “I got in touch with Arty and showed it to him, did a different version to it ‘cause I asked him [to] make it newer ‘cause I don’t just wanna take your song and rap over it. But in a year’s time, time’s gone by [and] we preferred writing over and using the [original] Rebound. Something happened and the clearance… hopefully, we resolved the issue.”

Let’s Go is the fifth track off’s fourth album, #willpower, while DJ Arty and Mat Zo’s Rebound was released in April 2011.

This isn’t’s first time to be involved in a copyright infringement-related lawsuit. On February, a 24-year-old singer named Tulisia sued the B.E.P. frontman for allegedly stealing some of the lyrics from her song I Don’t Give A F—k. Will admitted to using her song, which he received from the original producer who reportedly didn’t want it on Tulisa’s album.

Check out the video below to listen for the comparison:

3 Doors Down Bassist Robert Todd Harrell Charged with Vehicular Homicide

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3 Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell was arrested for homicide after the tragic vehicular accident involving the rocker that killed the driver of the other vehicle.

Harrell was driving on a Nashville freeway at full speed under the influence when he hit a pickup truck on a head-on collision. Truck driver Paul Howard Shoulders Jr. Shoulders died after he got thrown out of the vehicle.

Deputies had discovered a plastic bag in Harrell’s sock that contained the following: 8 Xanax pills, 24 Oxycodone pills and 4 Oxymorphone pills. The band has cancelled all their upcoming shows on their US tour after his arrest.

Harrell was jailed early Sunday on a D.U.I. charge but held off a $100,000 bond. According to reports, he has been released on bail.

Lady Gaga’s Manager Signs Dubstep Violinist Lindsey Stirling

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter has definitely found something in YouTube star Lindsey Stirling that made him decide to sign her up under his company Atom Factory. According to Billboard, the Mother Monster’s manager booked a flight to Orlando, Florida, so he could check out one of Stirling’s gigs and was impressed by her ability to sell out a 1,200-seat venue without any mainstream radio support. Carter was first exposed to Stirling through Ty Stiklorius back in February when he encouraged him to check out her YouTube channel.

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“By looking at the numbers, automatically you could see this girl knew how to move the needle and understood YouTube was a venue to engage fans both online and offline,” Carter said about the Stirling’s channel.

26-year-old California native Lindsey Stirling became known on YouTube for her Crystallize music video, which as of this date already has more than 56 million views on her channel that already has over 2 million subscribers. She’s got about 874,000 fans on Facebook, about 141,000 followers in Twitter, and 45,000 in Instagram.

But if you want figures that really matter in the music industry then how 234,000 digital sales just for her lead single Crystallize alone, according to SoundScan. It held the No. 1 spot on Classical Digital Songs for 20 straight weeks (and counting), it reached No. 17 on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs, and No. 34 on Dance/Electronic Songs.

Stirling was approached by other management companies before she signed up to Atom Factory’s roster. “After every other meeting I remember feeling so confused,” she said, “But with Atom Factory, they were up to date on current things and trying new stuff all the time, and I felt so creatively alive when I met with them.”

Check out the video below that made Stirling the YouTube sensation that she is now:

Folk Icon Richie Havens Dies

Image source: Billboard.Com

The guy who was first to hit the stage and perform at the 1969 Woodstock music festival has died on Monday due to a heart attack at his home in New Jersey City, New Jersey. Richie Havens, a folk icon who brought soulfulness to the scene, using his music for causes of personal freedom and brotherhood and energized the crowd at Woodstock with his rendition of Motherless Child/Freedom was 72.

In March of 2012, he announced that he would no longer be touring due to illness. His album Nobody Left to Crown, released in 2008 would be his last.

Havens mixed different styles of music, from blues to folk to rock, jazz, funk, country and bluegrass. An interpreter of other songwriters like Dylan, Lennon, McCarthy and Leonard Cohen, it made him find places to play.

Havens is survived by his three daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. According to his family, a public memorial will be planned soon.