Chris Brown’s Minor Accident Could Mean Jail Time

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Chris Brown is in trouble again! It seems that the hiphop/R&B singer is never tired of getting into the front news for his issues. Brown had a minor hit-and-run car accident last week in Los Angeles that could lead him to jail if he is found to have violated the terms he got from his 2009 battery case on Rihanna. Jail time awaits this rapper that could face up to four years if he’s proven to violate them.

Officials are now investigating whether violations were really made. According to reports, Brown refused to cooperate with the victim, even copping an attitude when the woman pressed him for his information but later on was reported to oblige to give it but was said to be false.

If this is true, then the cocky rapper is in deep shit. Brown has always been on top of the controversies surrounding the entertainment news. Last February, he was questioned by an LA judge if he completed the six months’ community labor sentence imposed on him as part of his his five-year probation.

Brown may have a stellar career in the music biz as he has sold multi-platinum albums, hit big on the charts, sold out concerts, but kids should not look up to him as their role model.

Top 5 Worst Songs of 2013

Gentleman by PSY – I don’t care if its music video has currently reached over 300 million views, for all I know most of those views were actually just pretty much from the same people. I’ve got nothing against PSY; in fact, I’ll even admit that I’m one of the people who enjoyed listening to his hit Gangnam Style. But this follow-up of his just doesn’t offer anything new; it felt like it’s just a Gangnam wannabe. Think about it, if you hadn’t known about the Gangnam viral, do you really think you’d still like Gentleman then as much as you do now? I doubt it. Thus, it finds itself in our Top 5 Worst list.

Hey Porsche by Nelly – I don’t know about the rest of you but to me, Nelly has already lost his groove. His sound just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore that it used to back in early 2000 and this single only proves it. And if that isn’t even enough, one thing I read about this single is that it’s almost a “note-for-note rewrite” of Flo Rida’s Whistle. I personally didn’t notice it until I actually listened to it even closely one more time. Tsk. Good thing that unlike PSY’s Gentleman, this one flew below everybody else’s radar and hardly got noticed.

Lolly by Maejor Ali feat. Juicy J & Justin Bieber – If the song’s tune doesn’t annoy you or make you cringe, perhaps the lyrics will with its use of a worn-out metaphor for a guy’s member? If it wasn’t for Justin’s involvement in this song I doubt that this would even get any attention at all. As for Justin, yeah, we get it, you’re growing up but just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t necessarily require you to start singing – or rapping – dirty songs. Growing older doesn’t always equate with being mature.

Fine China by Chris Brown – Hardly anyone can argue that in this single, Breezy tries to channel a bit of the King of Pop in both sound and dance moves, but Michael Jackson he’s not. And how ironic is it that Chris declares himself as “not dangerous” in the song considering he’s got a rap sheet on domestic violence.

#thatPower by feat. Justin Bieber – Sure, it can be catchy for some but that still isn’t enough for this song to avoid landing on this list. The Bieb’s contribution doesn’t help either as his part only sounded pretty much like how he did in Beauty and the Beat. And what makes it even worse is that as far as’s collaborations go, this one didn’t even come close to anywhere near Scream & Shout’s (featuring Britney) performance at the charts.

5 Worst Singles in 2013 So Far

We’ve seen bunch of releases from different artists in the first half of 2013 and not all tracks are hits in the making. There are also misses and unfortunately theses misses are the ones that are being played in the radio again and again.

Here’s my list of 5 worst music in 2013 so far.

Ray J – I Hit it First

He may deny it many times, but the song is a no-brainer about Kim. And it’s like a cheap shot at getting back at his former flame and as if he’s saying to kanye and the rest of her exes that ‘I f*cked her first before you guys did’.

The Weekend – Walks Like Rihanna

A boyband with bubblegum pop lyrics?! Oh c’mon, enough of this Bieber-typed of style. I have nothing against this group or Bieber, but what the world needs now are great tunes. I think the guys could produce better material than that. The music video even shows the group doing impressions of other boybands. Although the song has a melodic hook, what kills the song is the content. Good thing they have a pretty girl in that video.

Taylor Swift – 22

Taylor Swift has gone a long way since her debut album, has won multiple Grammys and accolades from critics and other artists, only thing is, she’s 23 and writes lyrics like a tween.In her track 22, you would expect her to write something more mature, but alas, it’s not. Bubblegum pop is the in thing nowadays, thanks to the manipulative stance by major labels, but it’s killing the craft. Swift’s got talent and charisma and hopefully she would concentrate more on creating great music.

Maroon 5 Daylight

I liked Maroon 5 when they debuted their album Songs About Jane. They really kicked ass there and all the tracks were winner. But as years gone by, they’ve never sounded the same. It seems that the band has been eaten up by the mainstream that they’ve focused on gaining more fans and fame instead of producing good music. Daylight is one of those songs that, if you’re digging the first album, you’ll be surprised at how poppish they’ve become.

One Direction – One Way or Another

What do you get when you have 5 Biebers? Answer: One Direction. This new breed of boyband is making big waves all over the world, thanks to great marketing and push from the major label. The group has the good looks, which a big plus to package, but their songs aren’t that great. One Way or Another is an example of it. It’s a danceable tune with hooks that would make girls go nuts, but being bigger than The Beatles according to the hype given to them? That’s totally ridiculous.

Author’s Picks: Top 5 Favorite Female Rock Singers

There are a lot of very talented female vocalists there in rock alone but so far I only got hooked on a few of them. So here’s a list of my favorites starting from the 1990s up to the present.

Now I’m certain that many hardcore rock fans out there would argue about my picks, and I’ve no problem with that since I admit that I’m not a fully dedicated fan of the genre; I’m a fan of ALL genres so my only excuse for my choices would be my unfamiliarity with the artists or their songs.

Here they are starting from the bottom to the top.

5. Hayley Williams (Paramore) – No surprise here (unless you feel strongly against her and her band). Aside from loving her songs, the other reason why Hayley made it to my short list is because she’s the most recent and the last female rock artist that I heard about in mainstream media. Plus, I just found her vocals to be refreshing despite the fact that her sound is a bit similar to Avril Lavigne’s.

4. Dolores O-Riordan (The Cranberries) – Next on my list is one of my favorite bands from the 90s. I mean, who would forget their hits like Linger, Dreams, and Zombie?

3. Amy Lee (Evanscence) – In the third spot is the band that made me appreciate the goth look. Despite what some say, being that the band’s only true hit was Bring Me to Life, I personally happen to like most of the tracks in their Fallen album, particularly Tourniquet, Taking Over Me, and of course, My Immortal.

2. Shirley Manson (Garbage) – I fell in love with Garbage’s music the moment I heard Stupid Girl, and loved the band even more after hearing Push It. Shirley Manson looks gorgeous and badass while the band’s music is edgy. Even after over a decade, the band still hasn’t lost their touch as evidenced from their last album Not Your Kind of People.

1. Alanis Morisette – The only female rock singer on my list that isn’t a member of any band. I love most of the tracks on her album Jagged Little Pill, with Ironic being my most favorite. I hardly skip a track whenever I play the album.

Author’s Picks: 5 Best Albums for 2013 so Far

We are nearing the first half of 2013 and we’ve witnessed already a bunch of great albums that was released during this period. Here are my picks for the 5 best album releases in this year so far.

David Bowie, The Next Day

David Bowie is back after a long hiatus and his latest release The Next Day is a great album to listen to. Its music bounces from different styles and some of the songs have the same vibe as his hits before. Definitely one of his best works in his career.

The Strokes, Comedown Machine

The Strokes seems to have bounced back with their latest album Comedown Machine after faltering on their previous LP. The band has experimented various synth effects and its results? Splendid!

Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience has taken his game to a higher level. Pop has been waiting for an album that’s worth listening and here is Timberlake’s release giving a breath of fresh air. The single Suit and Tie may have scored big with listeners but other tracks are also worth listening to.

Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

The electronic duo’s fourth studio album is one of the most anticipated releases for 2013. Featured artists for this album includes Pharell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and Panda Bear.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Push The Sky Away

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 15th album release Push The Sky Away brings in a moody vibe. The group has been together for 30 years and they’ve come full circle for this one. The songs have neat structure and with tracks like Higgis Boson Blues and Jubilee Street, these should make a highlight not just for the album but for Cave’s career as well.

Ai Weiwei Releases Profanity-Laced Heavy Metal Music Video

Chinese dissident and celebrated artist Ai Weiwei has released a heavy metal song filled with profanity about the ruling Communist party of China. The single, titled Dumbass, was posted online on Wednesday in the form of a music video that recreates the 81 days that Ai spent in prison for tax-related charges back in 2011, an accusation which he claims to be false and that the real reason for his arrest is actually for his participation in activism and criticism of the government.

The song is a direct interpretation of his life as a government detainee being interrogated, enduring torture, and having his head and beard shaved amongst a few other things.

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Its lyric is in Mandarin and features a mix of dry humor, media commentary, and self-mythology. Ai says that he wrote it as a way to deal with the trauma he experienced during his detention, and dedicates it to other Chinese dissidents like him.

In an interview, he said, “At least you shared my nightmares. I had terrible nightmares after I was released. But think about so many political prisoners, they’re still in jail. So I make my music to give to them.”

The song will be part of Ai’s forthcoming debut album, which is called Divina Commedia (or The Divine Comedy), and is due for release on June 22.

Paris Hilton Signs Record Deal with Lil Wayne’s Label

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Paris Hilton has just signed a record deal with Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash Money label.

The popular hotel heiress, who had some tracks released in the past, hinted that she would be working with the record label and had plans of releasing a new album that would be released hopefully this summer. Confirming the news was Lil Wayn’es mentor Birdman, who posted on his Twitter account that the Cash Money family has a new member in Paris Hilton.

According to sources, the album will be focused on house music. It’s known that Hilton has gone to different clubs all over the world DJing and has trained with great DJs for quite some time now. Rumors that ex-boyfriend Afrojack will produce the album which also features collaborations with different artists like Lil Wayne.

Cash Money Records’ roster of hip-hop artists includes Wayne, Bow Wow and Busta Rhymes. With some of the big names of the hip-hop genre in one home, many would definitely question as to why they’ve signed Paris. For now, let’s go back and watch Hilton’s music video and see she’s worth more than those artists struggling to get signed.

Kelly Rowland And Paulina Rubio Join Cowell And Lovato In ‘X Factor’

The first set of auditions has just started for The X Factor USA’s third season on Tuesday, and with it has brought the rest of the public its first glimpse of the two new judges who’ll be joining Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato at the panel to uncover a new batch of talents. The taping of the tryout was held at Charleston, SC, on Tuesday, and the audience couldn’t help but express their delight upon Simon’s arrival on the stage after mother almost prevented him from making it to the venue.

The jam-packed crowd screamed “Simon, thanks for coming!” after Cowell graced the crowd with his presence – a moment thankfully captured on video via Vine.

Simon boasted about it, according to the show’s Twitter account:

Anyway, going back to the two new gorgeous additions to the judges’ panel, Rowland wore a yellow frock, while Lovato was in all-black and Rubio sported a nice pink figure-hugging dress. Paulina will be sitting at the far left end of the table, whereas Kelly will sit in between Demi and Simon, who’ll still be occupying his same usual spot at the far right. The two greeted the fans and aspiring stars as they waited for Simon who arrived a little late.

The X Factor Season 3 will premiere sometime around fall on FOX. The winner will receive a hefty $5 million contract.

Image source: Mickshaw/FOX

Stone Temple Pilots Surprise Fans with Performance

Image source: Rollingstone.Com

Fans get another big surprise from L.A. radio station KROQ’s annual Weenie Roast when 90’s rock band Stone Temple Pilots performed onstage with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as their lead singer. The unannounced performance saw a blistering set from the band that included old songs such as Sex Type Thing, Vasoline, Wicked Garden, Dead & Bloated, and Interstate Love Song.

Bennington, who grew up listening to the band, said it was a no-brainer saying yes to this kind of opportunity. Aside from the live performance, he also hit the studio to record a track with the band, drawing conclusions that he’s now the new frontman of STP after the band parted ways with Scott Weiland.

Out Of Time is their latest track, which is free for download for limited time. The band’s official website also features Chester on the photos so it seems he’s now their new lead singer.

According to STP guitarist Dean DeLeo, Bennington was there first choice for the gig, and only he can fill in the void left by Weiland.

But don’t worry Linkin Park fans, as Chester is still the singer of the band and will continue to be their frontman. STP has announced that he will play with them in between commitments to Linkin Park.

Listen to STP’s latest track Out of Time with Chester Bennington on vocals. What do you think of the new change?

Beyonces Single ‘Grown Woman’ Gets Leaked

After being featured in her latest Pepsi ‘Mirrors’ commercial, Beyonce Knowles found her latest and upcoming single Grown Woman out in the wild and already available, and in full, for public listening ahead of its supposed official release date. It is still not yet certain if the Timbaland-produced track is the final edit of the song or was just lifted from Bey’s Mrs. Carter Show world tour, but either way, it sounds absolutely incredible. The female anthem features rhythmic handclaps, African-influenced vocals, and tribal beats.

The pop/R&B diva has still yet to officially confirm any tracks from her yet-to-be released fifth album, which is also yet to have a title and a release date, despite that there have already been quite a number of tracks that were released in 2013.

Grown Woman comes shortly just after her controversial “glitch-track” Bow Down/I Been On, which surfaced only last month. It is co-written by The-Dream and features Bey singing atop beats coming from Timbaland.
But enough with the chatter. Start listening to it below.