4 Apps To Introduce Your Kids To Music

If you’re going to introduce your kids in to the world of music then chances are that you’re going introduce them to a particular musical instrument. But what if you want them to focus more on the sounds or the tunes first before teaching them how to use the instrument? Well, you can try any one of these nice cool mobile apps which I’m about to tell you.

Little Fox Music Box – You can think of this app as your kids’ first karaoke machine. In this app, your kids will be exploring three different song scenes: Old MacDonald, Evening, and London Bridge. Each song scene will have a different set of animals doing their own silly things when touched. The words to the song appear whenever it is played or sung, and kids can sing along to them (karaoke-style) and even record themselves while doing so. Aside from it, there’s also an exploration scene wherein you and your kids can create your own music by tapping on teapots, croaking frogs, tweeting birds, etc. To sum up, it’s a great app to sing along to and create/record your own song and music.

Image source: blog.familiar.com

This app is best for kids ages 3-6. Price: $1.99-2.99. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Amazon.

Animal Sound Box – In this app, your kids will also be interacting with animated animals. Each part of the animal’s body produces a particular musical instrument’s sound when touched. Example: touching the frog’s belly will produce the sound of a drum while touching its legs will make the sound of maracas.

Image source: apps.microsoft.com

This app is great for toddlers (2-4 years old) as they’ll be entertained by the animals’ facial expressions. Price: $0.99. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Musical Me! – This app will familiarize your kids to the concept of rhythm, pitch, instruments and musical notation. In one activity, your kid will be rearranging notes on a musical staff to create a song, and on another they’ll be playing a song by tapping on flying birds. There’s also a part where their listening acuity will be tested as they’ll be required to match musical sounds. It even comes with multiple difficulty levels so that you can match it with your child’s progress in skill.

Image source: lindseyliving.com

This app is great for kids around preschool and kindergarten (ages 3-7). Price: $1.99. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Tune Train – This app introduces kids to music by allowing them to create a melody. In it, the user will be required to draw a train track which the train will then have to follow. And as it follows the tracks the user has created, it will generate a sound depending on the train’s location on the screen. If the train goes up, the melody will then in turn go up in pitch.

Image source: itunes.apple.com

This one’s great for kids ages 6-8. Price: FREE. iPad.

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