Ariana Grande Hails The Holidays With ‘Santa Tell Me’

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Last week, Ariana Grande announced that her latest holiday single Santa Tell Me will be out soon, and last November 24, the official audio track was released on VEVO.

The lilting, upbeat track features Grande’s smooth vocals in a relatively more mellow range as opposed to her usual trills. It’s catchy, although it sounds a little like Amy Grant’s Baby Baby.

It’s also a little funny that in the track, Grande seems to be praying to Santa for love more than simply asking him for a holiday present — typical fodder for teeny-bopper love tunes.

Santa tell me, if you’re really there
Don’t make me fall in love again, if he won’t be here, next year
Santa tell me, if he really cares
‘Cause I can’t give it all away next year

Some of her fans tout the single as ‘the next Christmas classic,’ and while it has all the trappings of a cheerful holiday tune, it may still be a little too lightweight for a tune that can be loved by several generations. At any rate, we’ll just leave the final judgment to you.

Enjoy Santa Tell Me here:

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