Chris Brown And Rihanna Spent A Night Together On A Yacht?

It looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna may have just finally gotten back together again. Recent reports indicate that the 23-year-old rapper/singer have chartered a helicopter and took it down the French Riviera to Saint-Tropez…where his former partner Rihanna is currently spending her vacation on board a yacht!

Although a spokesman for Brown claims that he’s just there for work, recent (cryptic) tweets from both parties seem to imply otherwise. “CB is in France to shoot a music video for Swizz Beatz album and Ludacris is in it, It’s Swizz’s song,” said Brown’s rep, and then added, “Karrueche is there with him… They never broke up. He is not on her (Rihanna’s) yacht. There is no Rihanna connection,” despite the fact that there were reports last week saying that the Karrueche Tran and Chris have already called it quits.

Ludacris tweets, “St Tropez France here I come

Chris Brown then later posted on his Twitter page, “This ni—a Luda flying the damn helicopter! I’m shi—ing bricks right now,” followed moments later with a tweet saying, “Landed on the boat!

Rihanna then posted, to nobody in particular, “Touch down baby, help me pick my fit.

Coincidence, you say? That’s one hell of a coincidence if I ever heard of one. Same place (Saint Tropez, France), both involve yachts, and tweets that seem to be talking about the same subject. Personally, I won’t be surprised if one of them suddenly posted a twitpic or a photo on Instagram.

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