Courtney Love To Be Featured In New Fall Out Boy Album

When Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz teased the fans to guess who they got to perform in their upcoming album Save Rock & Roll, he hinted at a hair color:

The fans’ answers ranged from Miley Cyrus to Madonna (and even Taylor Swift) but no one got close to the right answer so it’s good thing that the band revealed who it was the next day, Thursday, March 21, by posting it on their Twitter account.

Yep, that’s right. It’s none other than Kurt Cobain’s widow and Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love. The 6-second video embedded on the tweet features a snippet of the song as pictures of C-Love is flashed on the screen in rapid-fire succession with her declaring “It’s Courtney, bitch.”

Image source: Spin

Aside from Love, Wentz has also confirmed that the new album would feature Elton John in the collaboration after vocalist Patrick Stump tweeted a picture of himself together with the British legend in a studio with a hashtag “save rock and roll.”

The album Save Rock & Roll is said to be released on April 16.

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