Disney Launches Family-Friendly Music Site

Disney Interactive has joined forces with music-video website VEVO, together with Hollywood Records and Radio Disney for a joint project called DisneyMusic, a music hub where users (i.e. kids) can check out music videos from just about any musical artist that can be found in VEVO’s huge catalog of 75,000 music videos — that is of course as long as the material passes Disney’s “wholesome standards.”

The team dubbed the project as the “definitive music site for families, kids and tweens.” Disney Interactive’s co-president Jimmy Pitaro said f the project in a press release, “Music is a key compliment of the Disney.com offering and deepens the premium family entertainment experience we offer guests online. Now we are amplifying the Disney experience by partnering with the world’s leading digital music video platform.”

Disney has actually struck the deal with VEVO early in February but the portal itself is still in its early stages. With that said, I for one noticed it to be sluggish when it comes to using the search function. Hopefully the site developers would be able to iron things out pretty soon. The team also hopes to be able to introduce more features pretty soon, such as original music programming, exclusive music events and premieres, and “live music experiences.”

Aside from VEVO’s exclusive video content of top pop artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction, and Katy Perry, the said portal will also include Radio Disney’s behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and webisodes from Hollywood Records hit artists like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, R5, Zendaya, and many more.

And in case you’re wondering if Disney’s going to include its most popular creation – Miley Cyrus – the answer’s ‘yes’. But don’t expect to have any success finding the video for Wrecking Ball, though you might still have some luck with the audio version.

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