Ella Henderson Glows in New Album ‘Chapter One’

Another X Factor alumnus shines bright with her latest single Glow. The track, a sexy, mid-tempo ballad with a marching drum rhythm, creeps up on you and quickly takes you in as the first chorus starts.

Henderson’s soulful vocals add a touch of sultriness to the song, and the electronica makes it edgy and modern. It’s coming out on September 14, and can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

But wait! She’s also releasing her first album Chapter One on October 13, which contains the rest of her newest tracks. You can sample her songs via this video:

TBH, Glow was enough to get me hooked on her style. If you’re jonesing for full-bodies vocals without the screechy diva quality that other artists prefer to adopt, then you’ll love listening to Ella Henderson’s album, which you can purchase here.

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