Emily’s Army Rocks About Breakups

Maybe it’s the reference to the devastation left by mustard gas that makes this track’s title so apt. Ammonia and Bleach, the newest single from Emily’s Army, explores both sides of a breakup in no uncertain terms.

The trio from Oakland just released their newest album Swim late last month, and Ammonia and Bleach is the first single to launch from the EP. While its theme is rather on the dismal side, its upbeat punk rhythm makes it engaging to listen to.

Drummer Joey Armstrong says of the song, “We wanted to write a song about how both sides are great on their own, but toxic together. Incorporating both the song and the short film into the final product, this music video tells a more holistic version of the story.”

You can purchase the digital or CD EP, as well as other merch over at the band’s official website. Also, check out the quirky video below and tell us what you think!

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