Feel The Sting of Izzy Azalea’s and Rita Ora’s ‘Black Widow’

For starters, Black Widow was supposed to be in the original line-up for Katy Perry’s Prism, but it somehow didn’t make the cut. After Perry handed it over to Australian hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea to be worked over, the former pop track shot up into the Top 10 charts, making it Azalea’s third Top 10 hit!

In this single, Azalea also collaborates with British pop songstress Rita Ora, where they join forces against horrible lovers. The song itself retains some of its pop roots, as evidenced in the chorus, but also takes on a new flavor with rap verses.

However, the rap sections are rather meh as opposed to the chorus, which is rich with hooks. Since the rap is performed by Azalea, it’s quite ironic that her parts are forgettable compared to Ora’s vocals. Still, it’s a catchy anthem, particularly if you’ve got a bone to pick with a future ex-flame.

Black Widow is now available on iTunes. Enjoy.

One thought on “Feel The Sting of Izzy Azalea’s and Rita Ora’s ‘Black Widow’

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