Hudson Taylor’s Chasing Rubies is As Feel-Good As They Come

Brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, aka Hudson Taylor, are back with their newest track Chasing Rubies, a follow-up to their Battles.

This upbeat single calls to mind summery drives down the countryside, which will appeal to secret romantics at heart. It also helps that the 50′s-inspired official video depicts the simple joys of young love. As jaded as I am, Chasing Rubies conjured up a few warm and fuzzy moments from dusty, happy memories.

Hailing from Dublin, this folk-rock duo is quickly making a mark on audiences with their warm vocals and trademark Irish lilt. Watch the video below and have a listen:

Chasing Rubies is now available for pre-order on Polydor and will debut on October 5. Expect to see their debut album out on the market sometime early next year.

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