J. Cole’s New Track ‘I’m a Fool’

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Roc Nation rapper J. Cole has been keeping a very low profile recently while serving up his new song I’m a Fool, which he has been playing during live performances for a few months. Now the studio version is set for release, which his fans will certainly love.

He once e-mail an MP3 to someone before spreading the song to the rest of the internet. He has been performing the self-produced track and has also sampled Cee Lo Green’s Fool For You while working very hard on the follow-up from his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart last year.

The lyrics are about Cole reflecting on the high cost of education. At the end of the track you can also hear a 25-second snippet of Chris Tucker.  He raps over the jazzy beat: “I’m a fool, hundreds thousands go to school. So  much debt me and my mama damn near drowning in the pool. The first to go to college/ They say knowledge is the tool/ But these hoes on campus make a young n***a drool. He supposed it may not have been all money spent. “So finally graduated, but I’m sad to say it wil, ain’t learned a f***ing thing except the game and how to play it”

Listen to I’m a Fool below:

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