Jimi Hendrix’s Lost Album ‘People, Hell & Angels’

An album consisting of 12 previously unreleased songs by Jimi Hendrix will be released this Tuesday (March 5th), according to a statement posted on the official Hendrix website. The posthumous album titled People, Hell & Angels is a collection of Hendrix’s studio performances as recorded by his sound engineer Eddie Kramer.

Image source: JimiHendrix.com

The album was supposed to act as a follow-up to Hendrix’s album Electric Ladyland in 1968 but was never officially released because of his death on September 18, 1970, that is, until now.

The statement also said that it “presents some of the finest Jimi Hendrix guitar work ever issued and provides a compelling window into his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer.” It adds that the tracks “encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles incorporating many of the elements – horns, keyboards, percussion and second guitar – Jimi wanted to explore within his new music.”

The compilation features various collaborations such as Somewhere with Stephen Stills, Mojo Man with the Aleem brothers (twin vocalists of Ghetto Fighters), Let Me Love You with his mentor Lonnie Youngblood, and a few more.

You can check out all of the tracks via preview that was released as a stream on NPR’s First Listen.

Here’s a video from CBS News which was aired on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

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