Labrinth’s Newest Single ‘Let It Be’ Is Birthed From Stress

Just this week, British singer-songwriter Timothy McKenzie a.k.a. Labrinth launched his latest single Let It Be online, which will come from his second and still-untitled album.

Let It Be opens with a heavy-bassed reggae rhythm, but you’ll also catch gospel undertones, plus that strangely melodic vocal ululation that serves as the hook between verses. It’s catchy in a laid-back fashion.

According to Labrinth, part of the track’s inspiration came from stress. “I had a bit of an anxiety attack,” he says. “But after that I was just like, ‘The only answer is to do what is right – just let go and let everything happen the way it is going to happen’. That is where the record kind of came from.”

As for the video, it centers on a single-pan effect featuring several scenes depicting the singer during a song’s creative and commercial process.

Let It Be is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

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