Lalah Hathaway Sings Chords!

I know this has been discovered elsewhere about a month ago but I believe it bears repeating. Funk, jazz, and world music collective Snarky Puppy performs Something from their latest project Family Dinner (Volume 1), and here it showcases the amazing vocal antics of R&B belter Lalah Hathaway.

Just how amazing is she? Well, not only does she pepper her soulful performance with expert scatting, she sings a full chord. You heard me, a full muthaflipping chord. And she does it four times.

Mind. Blown.

Now it’s debatable as to whether she’s singing overtones or multi-phonics, and whether she’s producing two or three notes simultaneously. Regardless of what it is, the woman’s clearly mastered the skill.

Check her out and if you can’t wait for the magic, skip over to 6:10 and watch the band shit bricks. Enjoy.

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