Lorde Tops Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Royals’, What’s Next?

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the charts (Billboard’s Hot 100, to be exact) then you ought to know that her single Royals has finally reached top spot at No. 1. So what’s next for the New Zealander? Well, her debut album titled Pure Heroine was just released on Monday (Sept. 30) and if speculations are to be relied upon at this point then one shouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly takes the No. 3 spot next week on Billboard 200.

Image source: noisey.vice.com

But what everyone’s probably wondering now is which of her other songs will climb up the ranks next: will it be Team, or Tennis Court? It’s still kinda hard to tell as even fans themselves are still debating over this, so it might take some time before we can have a clear picture.

I’ve been listening to both songs myself and I too have been having a hard time deciding. I don’t know, maybe it’s because to me both songs don’t have the same catchy chorus as Royals do. But if I were to make my decision on which I would likely sing along to while driving my car, I’m gonna have to go with Team. You can listen to both songs in the embedded videos below and decide for yourselves. Cast your vote by letting us know your pick in the comments section!

Royals ousted Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball after spending only two weeks on the charts. It was sitting at the No. 3 spot just behind Katy Perry’s Roar but then managed to overtake it without even taking its place before reaching No. 1.

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