Muve Subscribers Now 2 Million Strong

San Diego, Thursday, October 3, 2013. Cricket Wireless announced that its number of subscribers for Muve Music has just exceeded the two-million mark thus making it the most popular on-demand subscription music service in the U.S. Well, at least for now while Spotify hasn’t yet publicly updated its figure of one million subscribers for nearly two years now. Muve (pronounced “move”) was launched in January 2011, ending 2012 with 1.1 million subscribers.

Image source: deluxe-mag

Muve’s active subscribers can listen to music for up to 30 hours per month, which happens to be significantly more than what other similar music services offer. Muve is currently bundled into the carrier’s rate plan for Android phones and lets customer download as many songs and ringtones as they can store, provided of course that they keep paying their monthly bill. Furthermore, Muve Music currently has a library of 15 million songs and makes a wide range of popular tracks available, in addition to more niche genres.

Senior vice-president and general manager Tyler Wallis said in a statement, “Muve Music continues to improve the Cricket customer experience with the ability to download and instantly listen to just about any song so long as they are a current customer.” He continues, “This is the leading carrier model. We’re growing with Cricket and are excited about the prospect of adding additional carriers in the future.”

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