Online Radio Stations’ Alternative Music Section

Tired of the usual stuff you hear on the local airwaves? Then why not go online and check out this cool music streaming site that offers variety of music genre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online Radio Stations is one of the best internet music streaming sites out there that caters to various audience. From jazz to blues to rock, you’ll get tons of music to listen to and it’s free!

If you like alternative music like I do, then you might check out the site’s Alternative section, found on the left side. On that side, you’ll also see other categories that include Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, Metal, Latin, etc.
Simply click on the ‘Alternative’ if you want to listen to alternative music then different sub-genres will appear. Under those sub-genres are the different stations available. The music played on each stations are non-stop and offer a wide range of songs on their playlists.

I often tune in to ‘adult alternative’ sub-genre and listen to Smooth AC. It plays cool soothing music, some mainstream stuffs of the present and oftentimes music from the past that will make you reminisce of the good ol’ times. It’s an easy-listening station, so it’s not the heavy rock alternative music as you might have thought it would be. If you want heavier music, you can easily select other stations that will suit your music preference.

Online Radio Stations is a great alternative if you simply want to get away from the present crop of crappy music that’s been playing over and over. Check it out here and enjoy listening to the music of your choice.

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