Phillip Phillips Personifies a God in ‘Unpack Your Heart’

…And by ‘god,’ I would have wanted to mean it as ‘devilishly good-looking.’ Just look at that:

But in his latest single Unpack Your Heart, Phillip Phillips seemingly channels a god persona as he asks people to Bring your secrets, bring your scars / Bring your glory, all you are / Bring your daylight, bring your dark / Share your silence / And unpack your heart. The warmth is intensified with Phillips’ homey instrumentals and rhythm, and as my son described the song, “It sounds humble.”

Hailing from his newest album Behind The Light (out now), Unpack Your Heart boasts of Phillips’ signature guitar and toe-tapping beat, plus an orchestral background. It’s something you’d expect to hear in a movie adaptation of one of those feel-good romance novels where you’re supposed to derive several profound life lessons that you’d actually discover on your own with a little more common sense.

Anyway, check out Unpack Your Heart below, and if Phillips’ catchy rhythm doesn’t get to you, there’s a stop-motion dancing box as well.

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