Review: Fall Out Boy’s ‘Irresistible’

This track opens with an unexpected yet welcome trumpet section, before Pete Wentz’s forceful vocals enter the scene. Aside from that, there are other elements both in the track and video that will keep you riveted.

It may be the hard-hitting driving rhythm that’s already part of FoB’s signature sound, the video’s reference to the band starting off small against bigger, more popular, and more established bands, or the inclusion of cheesy 2D graphic stickers in parts of the video that can get you hooked on this. Or it can simply be the great sound, which goes to show that after all this time, Fall Out Boy hasn’t fallen off the grid. Whichever it is, the single lives up to its name.

If you dig this, Irresistible is now available for purchase on iTunes, but hey, why stop at one track? You can grab FoB’s latest album American Beauty/American Psycho on iTunes as well.

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