Review: ‘Opulence’ by Brooke Candy

The potty-mouthed Brooke Candy hits us once more with her newest swag-inspired track, Opulence. With its strong synth-based rhythm and hard-driving rap, plus her signature sexual lyrics make for a single that you’ll either love or hate.

Personally, I hated it.

Image source: Hotnewsonglyrics.Co

The title and the heavy bassline were the only toothsome elements for me; everything else — the oppressive female persona, the nasal vocals, and the Gaga-esque shock value video — struck me as a cheap and played-out marketing attempt. What was the most disappointing, however, is that the song sucked out the grandeur out of its concept, and instead embodied the surface bravado of the noveau riche. Not very opulent.

Check out the video below and tell us how much you love it, or not.

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