Review: Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down

In a word, FEELS.

At first, the video appears as if Smith is either the priest or the groom in church, but the moment the candles and wreath appear you know it’s going to tear you up, especially if you’re deeply in love with someone or badly missing someone dear to you. Or both.

Smith’s distinctively heart-rending vocals and impressive range are brought to the forefront in this simple yet intensely poignant ballad, which makes the emotional overtones even more powerful. (I could imagine several covers of this track cropping up on YouTube soon).

Another impressive element in the video is how the funeral seamlessly transitions into a wedding, with Smith joyfully holding hands with his handsome groom, and the entire congregation dressed from all black to all white. The short-lived scene transitions back to reality, and BAM. Heartbreak city.

You can now pre-order Lay Me Down over at iTunes.

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