Sia, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Rock, & More: New Tracks for This Week

For this week, we’re featuring five of the latest music tracks and videos to come out. Let us know what you think of this lineup, and if you wish to see new tracks of your favorite artists and newcomers featured on our pages!

Elastic Heart – Sia

This video isn’t as wrong as some self-righteous prudes may think. It’s a poignant portrayal of emotional and psychological captivity that one experiences with mental illness and its ilk. Chandelier video star Maddie Zeigler teams up with actor Shia LeBoeuf to depict how this state affects they dynamic between a father and his daughter. And don’t let the nude-colored outfits put you off either: we are all naked with the people we love.

Irresistible – Fall Out Boy (Audio)

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump shines once again with his distinctively forceful vocals in this new single off their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho out January 20th worldwide. For a group that’s also consistently making an effort to evolve in terms of musical style, this time they’ve added more punch to this track with trombones.

Immortal – Marina and The Diamonds

This is one of those songs that may make you recall all those you have loved and lost. Or it may push you to ponder on the mortality of your loved ones. Or you might simply think about how cute it is, with Marina’s ethereal vocals ripping at your heart once again.

First Kiss – Kid Rock

Time to get your nostalgia on with Kid Rock’s latest track off his upcoming album of the same title, out on February 24. Now it may not be to everyone’s liking, but you can’t deny it’s good for reminiscing about your hometown, your first ride, and of course, your first kiss.

Adoration of the Magi – Lupe Fiasco feat. Crystal Torres

You’ll find this soulful rap track in Lupe Fiasco’s newest album Tetsuo & Youth, which comes to stores on January 20. This single is a deep blend of classy and classic instrumentals punctuated by the rapper’s signature lyrics and storytelling style. I’m no fan of rap, but the simplicity of this track is definitely something that even non-enthusiasts like me will certainly enjoy.

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