Thanks to the arrival of social networking sites, promoting your music have never been easier. Because of them, musicians are now able to reach a wider audience thus getting more exposure not just locally or domestically but also internationally. But the problem is, a lot of these sites have been springing up almost every day making it hard to choose which one to sign up for and create an account. Well, let me make it a little easy for you – try Songdew!

Songdew is one of the new players when it comes to social networking sites specifically designed to help musicians to promote their music. And just in case you’ve already clicked on the link and checked out the site, don’t jump in to any judgment just yet. Although it says that it is mainly for [Asian] Indian audience, the site still has a potential to become huge on a global platform.

What users love about the site is its user-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface (UI). Its dashboard design has been getting a lot of positive feedback and praises among its users as it is described to be neat and clean, and helps artists focus more on what they should be doing, which is to promote their music (both online and offline). But the best part of it all according to the site’s users is that unlike ReverbNation, all features are said to be FREE! You can publish, sell, and promote your music using some interesting tools.

User-friendly interface and comes with free features? Definitely sounds like something that’s worth checking out if you ask me, especially if you’re currently on the lookout for another social media outlet aside from your Facebook or Twitter.

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