Soundgarden to Reissue 5-Disc ‘Superunkown’ Album

Joining the growing list of bands releasing special editions of their old albums is Soundgarden, which is planning to commemorate their fourth album from 1994, Superunknown, with a multi-disc release.

Superunknown shot the band into rock superstardom with remarkable tracks such as as Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, and Fell on Black Days.

Their Deluxe Edition features two CD’s containing the remastered album, plus demos, rehearsals, B-sides and other material, while the Super Deluxe Edition includes five CDs, the fifth of which is Superunknown mixed in Blu-ray ™ Audio 5.1 Surround Sound and packaged in a hardbound book with Josh Graham’s artwork and special band photos. Both reissues are scheduled to debut on June 3.

The band will also release a limited edition 5-piece set of 10 vinyl LP’s of the album on April 19.

The remastered albums were announced via a rehearsal video for The Day I Tried to Live:

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