5 Recommended Apps For Music Lovers

If you love listening to music while on the go then chances are that you’re quite familiar with most of the various social music apps that are competing for your phone or tablet’s space and capability of being your primary app for listening, downloading, and sharing of your library of favorite music, but what about for other functions?

Below is a list of five helpful music-related apps that you might want to add to your phone and/or tablet’s array of functions. Continue reading

Soundwave – A New Way To Discover Music On The Web

Image source: Guardian.co.uk

It looks like Twitter #Music has just got itself some serious competition. An Irish startup company called Soundwave has just launched its own social music app of the same name on Thursday (June 20) which offers the same features as #Music does, enabling users to share details of what they’re currently listening to, and discover new songs and artists from friends and tastemakers. Continue reading

Twitter Finally Launches Music App To Public

Twitter has now finally made its music discovery app available to be used by the public. After making the app only available to a select few (celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Ne-Yo, or Jason Mraz) just a few days ago, practically anybody can now benefit from the app’s capability and features. Twitter #Music is an app that helps users to find music that’s currently trending on Twitter by collecting data on user activity within the social networking site.

Image source: Billboard

“We’re releasing Twitter #music, a new service that will change the way people find music, based on Twitter,” the San Francisco-based firm said in a release on Thursday, April 18. “It uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists,” it added.

Simply put, it recommends music based on the artists/bands you follow or what other Twitter users are tweeting about and lets you sample songs that you might like.

Image source: ABCNews.go.com

The app has four pages, which you can swipe through to access:

Popular – Shows you music that are currently trending on Twitter.

Emerging – Shows “hidden talent found in tweets.”

Suggested – Shows you artists/music based on who you’re following.

#NowPlaying – Shows you songs that your followers are listening to or tweeting about.

The app is available as a web version which people can use online or as a separate app for the iPhone via the App Store (Android users have to wait yet again for the service be available for Android devices, unfortunately).

ABC’s Good Morning America got an early exclusive look at the app, which you watch in the embedded video below: