5 Beatles Innovations that Changed the Phase of Music

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There’s no other band in the history of music that’s more influential than the Beatles. Composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they made great innovations that changed the course of music during their time and are still relevant up to now! Continue reading

The Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ Restored for DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Great news to all Beatlemaniacs! I just found out that The Beatles’ 1967 made-for-TV film, Magical Mystery Tour will be released on a restored version.

The film, written and directed by the band, was said to be long out of print, but thanks to the latest technology, it will hit the market worldwide on October 8 in DVD and Blu-Ray format. The movie will be released on October 9 in North America, which coincidentally, the birthday of the late, great founding member John Lennon, and will have a limited theatrical release on Sept. 27.

Included in the release are commentary tracks by sir Paul McCartney, interviews with him and Ringo Starr, some deleted scenes and ‘making-of’ feature.

A deluxe box set will also be available, featuring 60-page book and a reproduction of double-EP of the soundtrack that was originally issued in U.K. in 1967.

This is something to look forward to, a classic and timeless treat to all the hardcore fans of the most influential band of all time, and is also a great introduction to kids of today who may not have heard yet their work. It is definitely worth watching and I’m pretty sure the younger generation will get hooked on their music as I did.

The Beatles Latest Release ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ Compilation on iTunes

Celebrating their 50th anniversary of first hits, the most influential band of all time The Beatles have released a new compilation called Tomorrow Never Knows, a collection of 14 classic tracks that is deemed to be the group’s “most powerful rock songs.”

The latest release is sold via iTunes.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters wrote a cover letter on what the Fab Four meant to him, noting that “if it weren’t for The Beatles, I would not be a musician. It’s as simple as that. From a very young age I became fascinated with their songs, and over the years have drowned myself in the depth of their catalogue. Their groove and their swagger. Their grace and their beauty. Their dark and their light. The Beatles seemed to be capable of anything. They knew no boundaries, and in that freedom they seemed to define what we now know today as ‘Rock and Roll.’”


Paperback Writer
And Your Bird Can Sing
Helter Skelter
Savoy Truffle
I’m Down
I’ve Got A Feeling (Naked version)
Back In The U.S.S.R.
You Can’t Do That
It’s All Too Much
She Said She Said
Hey Bulldog
Tomorrow Never Knows
The End (Anthology 3 version)