Drake Releases New Song ‘Girls Love Beyonce’ Ft James Fauntleroy

Drake just released a new song on Tuesday, April 16, which features singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy of Roc Nation. Titled Girls Love Beyonce, the track samples Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name and is basically about the dating struggles he goes through as a superstar and his search for the woman “who will help me think of someone besides myself.” The Canadian rapper didn’t just stop with the DC sampling either as he also went on to drop Beyonce’s name into the song as well.

“Look, I know girls love Beyonce, girls love to f—k with your conscience, girls hate when n—gas go missing, and shawty you ain’t no different.”

Drake fans would know that this isn’t the first time the 26-year-old artist sampled the aforementioned DC song. He did it back in 2011 during the OVO Festival in Toronto, Canada, wherein he was showcasing more of his singing skills rather than his rapping skills.

And just in case you’re wondering, Drake confirmed that Girls Love Beyonce won’t be included in his forthcoming album Nothing Was The Same, although he did apply his 5AM in Toronto owl art on the single’s cover art that shows a close-up shot of Bey.

Drake Drops New Single ’5AM In Toronto’

Drake (a.k.a. Drizzy) just dropped a new single around past midnight on Thursday, March 7, entitled 5AM In Toronto. The track is produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz and follows Drake’s recent single Start From The Bottom from his yet-to-be released third album Nothing Was The Same – it is yet to be determined whether 5AM In Toronto will be included in the album as well.

Image source: SoundCloud

The unveiling was made through his Twitter account wherein a link to the song was provided under his SoundCloud account. In this sequel to 9AM In Dallas, the 26-year-old Toronto native sounds like he’s had a lot things to get off his chest as throws out a combination of subtle and not-so-subtle shots at a few of his so-called bashers and people whom he previously had a beef with.

In one verse, the Young Money artist sounded like he’s throwing a shot at Chris Brown rapping, “Bad press during the summer over allegations / I ain’t lyin’, my n—a, my time is money / That’s why I ain’t got time for a n—a whose time is comin’.”

Even Rihanna wasn’t spared with lines like, “Where you think she at when she ain’t with you? / Wildin’, doin’ shit that’s way out of your budget / Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it / Damn, this shit could go on a tape.”

A couple of other personalities that didn’t escape Drake’s lyrical bullets include Jay-Z and his former running mate The Weeknd.

Click on the play button below and find out what has to say about the rest of them.

Justin Bieber Releases Lyric Video For ‘Right Here’ Featuring Drake

Image source: Justjared.Com

Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber has just released a new single and accompanying it is a lyric video that his fans can watch so they can easily sing along. The announcement was preceded by a few tweets to hype up the release before it finally came out on February 26.

The Hit-Boy-produced track also features Drake, Bieber’s long-time friend and fellow Canadian, who not only lent his voice to the song but also is actually the one who wrote it. No doubt that he’ll also be appearing in the track’s music video, the release date of which is yet to be determined.

Like some, I was also kind of surprised about this announcement considering that it’s from one of his prior albums, which is Believe (released on June 2012), because usually when an artist releases a single it’s from their most recent one. In this case, we were expecting something from his album Believe Acoustic. But anyway, enjoy listening to the song as you watch the lyric video below.