Ex-Live Frontman Ed Kowalczyk Sued For $2M By Fellow Bandmates

Three original member of the 90′s alternative-rock group Live are filing a case against their former frontman, Ed Kowalczyk, to prevent him from further using the band’s name to promote his solo shows. The band is seeking $2 million in statutory damages for claims of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and false designation of origin and trademark, according to Billboard.

Kowalczyk was reported to be holding tours under the subtitle “Ed Kowalczyk of Live”, and his first solo record was titled Alive. As such, Action Front Unlimited, the company that the band set up, which also holds all their trademarks claim that Kowalczyk is causing “confusion” by making booking agents, theatres, arenas, and the press thing that he’s still a part of the group. They accuse him of not informing the public that he is no longer a member of Live and failing to mention that his music is not endorsed by the band.

This isn’t the first time the band sued Kowalczyk. Back in 2010 they sued him for demanding $100,000 ahead of festival appearance in Europe simply for being the band’s frontman. Around the same time, they say they found out he’d signed himself up as sole recipient of the band’s publishing income.

Live broke out in 1994 with the album Throwing Copper, and then were forced to go on hiatus in 2009 due to claims that it was the only way to get rid of the vocalist (Ed Kowalczyk).