‘Crushed’ Concert Fan Sues Jonas Brothers

Can you imagine yourself starting the New Year off by settling a lawsuit that’s based on an incident that took place almost two years ago? Well, unfortunately for the Jonas Brothers, they don’t have to imagine it, as they have to deal with it for real. According to TMZ, a fan has just filed a lawsuit against the trio after suffering from serious mental, emotional and physical injuries incurred while watching them perform at the Grove in L.A. back in May of 2010.

Image source: EOnline

According to the complaint obtained by the aforementioned celebrity news site, a woman named Ashleigh Johnson is suing the band (and apparently also the owner of the venue) for negligence, claiming that the defendants knew that a lot of people were going to show up and yet failed to place proper security measures at the venue.

As a result, Johnson said she was “agonizingly crushed” after she got pinned against the fence by the unruly crowd which consist mostly of female teenage fans. As of this writing, no amount of damage has yet been specified against the Jonas Brothers and Caruso Management Co.. No response yet have been made by the defendants.