Top 10 Picks Review for Jan 6-11

We’re starting off this week with our newest music picks for the week ending January 11. Some of these have debuted late last year, such as Royals by Lorde, some have been long-awaited by fans like Katy Perry‘s Dark Horse, and many of these are new releases.

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Miley Cyrus Leads Social Media Buzz, According to Starcount

According to celebrity and brand social media tracker Starcount, Miley Cyrus has started 2014 at the top of the popularity list. The buzz she has generated is a carryover from last year, when she completely revamped her entire personal brand, shocking audiences worldwide.

Image source: Billboard.Com
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Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Have ‘Good Chemistry’

Image source:Celebrities.Ninemsn.Com

After the reported on-and-off relationship with musician John Mayer, Katy Perry is on the news again and this time she’s spotted with Robert Pattinson.

It seems like Perry’s on a dating spree and she’s having a good time with the Twilight actor. The pair was seen having an intimate and cozy candlelit dinner date in Los Angeles by witnesses and they seemed to get along well. They may deny rumors about the closeness but actions speak louder than words.

Image source: Posh24.Com

And the romance was not a one-night fling as some witnesses say they have been dating on several occasions for few months now and reports that Pattinson even traveled to Katy’s hometown in Santa Barbara, California to meet her mom and dad.

Although Perry may say that she doesn’t want a serious relationship as of the moment, she may after all be entering one after her failed bond with Mayer. She also has been a shoulder to cry on for Pattinson after he split with his girlfriend/Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, so this may be a rebound romance.

So are they just good friends? Or are we seeing a new couple here? Until it’s made official, maybe they’re just still the friend zone for now and getting to know each other well. We’ll see about that in weeks to come.

Katy Perry and John Mayer, Together Again?

Image source: Belfasttelegraph.Co.Uk

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer back at each other’s arms? According to reports the former couple were seen flirting again and seem to have reignited their passionate romance.

It was reported before that the two split up for the second time in March after an on-and-off relationship that got Perry depressed.

On Monday, John was one of the guests at Katy’s Memorial Day barbecue held at her Hollywood Hills home. Their flirtatiousness were so obvious to the visitors that an onlooker made a remark to Us Weekly magazine that they were having good chemistry.

Will they get together again? That’s the big question. It seems like Katy hasn’t gotten over John even if she’s been linked to other men. Meanwhile, Mayer is known to be a playboy and have dated a lot of women specially Hollywood A-listers so let’s see if this will last or just another one of those flings.

Katy Perry Seeking a Heartbreak Coach

Image source: Ph.Omg.Yahoo.Com

After splitting up with singer/songwriter John Mayer last month, Katy Perry is reportedly seeking a ‘heartbreak coach’ for assistance with coping with her emotional state.

Sources have said that although Perry was sad about parting ways with Mayer, she is moving on and is looking for professional help because the relationship with him made her probably realize that the issues from her previous relationship with Russell Brand was unaddressed and the only way to resolve it is by seeing an expert.

It has been thought that she is following a program similar to Aurora Winter’s, a heartbreak coach in L.A. for 20 years.

In related news, the singer has put an end to rumors about distancing herself from Rihanna after the two pop superstars had a Twitter bash on Wednesday. The reason behind the rumor was about Rihanna reuniting with her ex Chris Brown, but they’ve put the speculations behind them by exchanging tweets.

Katy Perry Ends Relationship with Mayer for the Second Time

Image source: Thesun.Co.Uk

Katy Perry and John Mayer split up for the second time last week. The reason? A phone number found by Katy in Mayer’s glove compartment.

Previous claim of the 8-month relationship getting ended was caused by their hectic schedules but sources say it was because Katy found out the woman’s number in Mayer’s car. An insider told British magazine Grazia that when the couple were heading off for a visit to a Chihuahua rescue center and stopped for gas, when Katy saw a phone number written on a napkin when she opened the glove compartment. After that, they never made it to the dog shelter and Katy called her assistant to take her home.

Although the separation is not yet officially confirmed, Katy was shocked to find out by his behavior, which broke her trust.

Mayer is known to be a womanizer and a Hollywood heartbreaker, having had failed relationships with Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Minka Kelly, and Jessica Simpson.