Review: Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay-Z ‘B—h Don’t Kill My Vibe’

In today’s post I thought I’d share my 2 cents on Kendrick Lamar’s remix to his single Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe featuring Jay-Z, which he released over a couple of weeks ago. The basic difference between this remix and the original is that this one includes some classic quick-rhymes courtesy of rap deity Jay-Z himself.

In this new version of the single, Kendrick (a.k.a. K. Dot) proves that he’s got the skills worthy of being showcased side-by-side with the one of the greatest in the industry (that being Jay-Z, a.k.a. Hov) as he raps quickly – and even laps him doing it – revising some of his bragging verses from the Good Kid album. With both rap artists dishing out such wicked rhymes, it’s kind of hard for me to tell who outdid who in the lyrics department.

But comparisons between the two artists aside, as far as this remixed version of the song’s concerned, I definitely love how the final product sounded with the addition of Jay-Z’s verse. It’s as if the song was originally meant to be remixed. Not that I’m saying that the original version sounded any less than good as it already is, of course.

And if you’re curious about the usage of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan photo as the single’s cover art, according to Billboard, the song’s title is associated with the conversation going on between the two basketball stars as they take an in-game breather. As to which player is telling the other not to kill his vibe, your guess is as good as mine.

Below is a video footage of Kendrick being surprised after hearing how his track sounded like as it is mixed with Jay-Z’s “vibe” verse courtesy of TDE CEO ‘TopDawg’.