Lady Gaga is Keynote Speaker for SXSW 2014

27-year-old Lady Gaga won’t just be performing at South by Southwest on March 14, 11am at the Austin Convention Center, but she’ll also deliver the keynote address. She’ll be joining the ranks of the event’s previous speakers such as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and Dave Grohl.

Image source: Ladygagph.Tumblr.Com

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Review: ‘Dope’ by Lady Gaga (Live)

Recently, Lady Gaga made waves again at the first Youtube Awards at Pier 36, NY, by performing on piano to debut her fourth single Dope from her upcoming album ARTPOP. But this time, instead of entering the arena with bells and whistles and yet another outlandish display of ‘artistry,’ she capitalized on raw emotion. And a set of fake zombie teeth.

Image source: Popdust.Com

Yes, my friends. Because under all those craftily maneuvered attention-grabbing antics, Lady Gaga has proves to us that she indeed possesses a heart. Although to me it can also be interpreted as her baring her inner, grittiest self as a last resort after she’s already stripped down to practically nothing for the audience. You can read that as artful, pretentious, or just another marketing ploy — or all of the above.

Anyway, Dope is a powerfully melancholic love ballad that starts off with a whisper and builds up to a series of heart-wrenching growls, evoking the deep, destructive soulache of the brokenhearted, particularly those who are in the process of losing their beloved to their own addiction. This to me is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson’s Chivas and Amy Winehouse’s Addicted, albeit from POV where the addiction outweighs the loved one.

Gaga performs it beautifully onstage during the awards, complete with tears streaming down her face and broken notes.

While it makes me wonder as to how long she rehearsed her teary rendition, I give her props for being able to sing through an intense emotional breakdown convincingly.

Here’s the cleaner audio version of Dope:

So, do you think this is art or pretense? Tell us in the comments.

RNC Denounces Reports They Were Turned Down By Lady Gaga

According to an article posted by the Washington Examiner on Sunday, March 31, Republican non-profit organization American Action Network has filed a lawsuit against event organizer/concert promoter Cater America, LLC, for failing to book pop superstar Lady Gaga to perform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, last summer.

Image source: Washington Examiner

The report said that the Born This Way singer turned down an offer worth $1 million made by the Republican National Committee (RNC) as an invitation for her to provide entertainment at the GOP’s convention held August of last year. Other musical artists were also reported to have been invited, such as Journey and Lynyrd Skynrd, but the offer that Lady Gaga got was said to have been the highest of all. Aside from the $1M, AAN director of development Pete Meachuman even added a $150,000 worth of donation to a domestic violence shelter, but even that wasn’t enough to make the Mother Monster change her mind.

However on Wednesday, a spokesman for the RNC issued a statement claiming that the group “was not gaga for Gaga.” That is, they “had absolutely nothing to do with such shenanigans.” The full statement reads as follows:

“In planning for our fundraiser in Tampa, e-mails we’re exchanged between AAN fundraising staff and outside vendors exploring various performance options. AAN is an independent group and is no way affiliated with or connected to the RNC nor was the RNC ever privy to these internal discussions. We considered some acts and didn’t seriously consider others, but we were ultimately happy with a great Kid Rock concert. Our events were independent from the official convention and the RNC. – Dan Conston, Communications Director, American Action Network ( 610-220-3687 (c))”

Regardless of whether the RNC did invite Lady Gaga or not, it is unlikely that she would’ve taken the offer anyways considering the difference in stance that she has compared to the party (i.e. gay rights, immigration reforms, etc.).

Lady Gaga Plans to Restore Michael’s Neverland

Image source: Netjoven.Pe

It seems that Lady Gaga is keen on buying Neverland, the famous ranch of the late great King of Pop Michael Jackson, so imagine how it will be when you see her handiwork on Michael’s theme park.

Reports have said that Gaga showed her obsession with Jacko when she bought personal items and memorabilia at an auction last year. She even became close to Latoya, Michael’s older sister.

The 3,000-acre ranch was acquired by Jackson in 1988 but had some money troubles in 2008 so it would be a great help if Gaga would buy a share and restore the ranch to its former glory.

Jack White Clarifies His Comments About Lady Gaga

Former White Stripes member Jack White found himself trying to get out of a “tabloidesque” drama after NME featured a story about saying some rather nasty things about pop singer Lady Gaga during his recent interview with Esquire.

The guitarist accused the music publication’s website of putting words in his mouth by inserting the words “Lady Gaga’s music” into one of the quotes he gave in the interview.

Image source: Rolling Stone

“If you’re going to cause drama, at least get the quote right,” said White in a statement released via the Third Man Records website and Twitter.

The Freedom at 21 hit maker added, “I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say. Especially publications like the NME who put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote. Maybe somebody with more lawyers can take them to task, but I’ll just use the Internet and Twitter instead.”

Below is White’s whole statement (taken from RollingStone):

“I’d like to address the recent tabloidesque drama baiting by the press in regards to Lady Gaga. I never said anything about her music, or questioned the authenticity of her songs in any way. I was in a conversation about the drawbacks of image for the sake of image, and that it is popular nowadays to not question an image in front of you, but only to label it as “cool” or “weird” quickly and dispose of it. I don’t like my comments about Lady Gaga’s presentation being changed into some sort of negative critique of her music. If you’re going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right. I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say. Especially publications like the NME who put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote. Maybe somebody with more lawyers can take them to task, but i’ll just use the Internet and Twitter instead. I also think that kind of tabloid drama encourages artists to not express their opinions in the press, and instead give polite soundbites that don’t stimulate thought about creativity and the consumption of art in its many guises.

Peace to Lady Gaga and I fully congratulate and compliment her on her championing of gay rights issues and the momentum it’s given to help create change.”

Lady Gaga Confirms ‘Telephone’ Sequel Via Twitter

News buzz about the sequel to Lady Gaga’s hit single Telephone being included in her upcoming album ARTPOP started to spread just moments after the singer responded to a question posted by a fan on Twitter regarding the song.

Said fan tweeted the Mother Monster asking if the continuation for Telephone will be included in the new album, to which Lady Gaga very simply replied, “fact.”

Her response – and the news about it – has thrilled lots of her devoted fans and got them even more excited about the new album. Due to the brevity of her response, there’s really not much information to answer other questions: will it once again feature Beyonce or will it be a solo?

And if that’s not enough to make you wonder, then what if we told you that Lady Gaga’s response tweet to the question is no longer on her feed? We still managed to get the original posts, but apparently they have been deleted. Was it a slip of the tongue – a mistake?

Now we’re left with even more questions than answers. One thing is still certain though, and that is that the new album will still be released in 2013.