Top 10 Picks Review for Jan 6-11

We’re starting off this week with our newest music picks for the week ending January 11. Some of these have debuted late last year, such as Royals by Lorde, some have been long-awaited by fans like Katy Perry‘s Dark Horse, and many of these are new releases.

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New Artist to Watch Out for in 2013: Lorde

Image source: Last.Fm

Entering 2013, we’ve been welcomed with lots of talented artists not just in the US but also around the world. One of them that caught my attention is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Known for her stage name as Lorde, the New Zealand native has just released her latest EP, Tennis Court on June 10.

Lorde got signed to Universal Music since she was 12 and her debut EP, The Love Club EP, which is available on Soundcloud, was downloaded over 65,000 times, before it dominated on the iTunes charts and also at Spotify.

She’s definitely someone to look forward to and will surely become a big star in no time, or should I say already is, a proof of it was when she had her first shows in her home country of New Zealand, tickets were sold out in just 73 seconds!

Lorde’s voice is captivating, and her style of music has a cross between Regina Spektor and Florence Welch with a bit of electronica and hip hop influence. Others hear a bit of Lily Allen. Another awesome thing about her is she writes her own songs, showing off poetic words that stand out from the rest of aspiring pop artists. And she’s only 16! I compare her to another teen sensation, Birdy who became an instant hit not just in UK but to other parts of the world also. There are some similarities, both are almost the same age, talented young musicians and singers, but I think what sets Lorde apart is her music is more of electronic-based and she has released original compositions.

Watch the U.S. version of her song Royals.