Fiona Apple Heckled On First Leg Of Tour

Portland, OR. – Everything seemed to be going just quite well during Fiona Apple’s joint tour with guitarist Blake Mills on Thursday night (Oct. 3) at the Newark Theatre. But as she was just about to perform her song prior to the last one that evening, someone from the first balcony blurted out, “Get healthy, we want to see in 10 years.”

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Apple, looking distraught, turned as she sits at the piano and responded by yelling, “I am healthy!” just before she stood up to face the audience and then adding, “Who the f—k are you? I want you to get the f—k out of here. I want the house lights on so I watch you leave!”

Sure enough, the lights did turn momentarily on as the alleged heckler was ushered out of the concert venue. Now I say “alleged” because it wasn’t pretty clear whether the intent of the person who said the remark was to offend Ms. Apple but just to express concern. But I’m sure that a lot of you would still argue that there’s no excuse nor there is any right moment to make such remarks. Anyway, going back to the heckler, she didn’t go out without slipping in a parting shot: “I saw you 20 years ago and you were beautiful!”

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After spending a few minutes venting her frustration into the microphone, she tried to regain her composure before performing an understandably intense version of Waltz (Better Than Fine) as she sounded like she was sobbing throughout the rendition. The band was also supposed to perform the ballad I Know but it was decidedly cut from the set following the incident. Apple apologized to the crowd right before walking off the stage and ending the show right after that.

So do you think the heckler could have just been expressing concern for the singer’s health, or did she overstep her boundaries by making an unwarranted comment about someone else’s appearance? Post your thoughts in the comments section here!