Phillip Phillips Set To Release Debut Album In November

Just a few days ago it was reported that first and original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson will be releasing her ‘Greatest Hits’ album on November 19. As it turns out, according to Amazon online listing, Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips will be releasing one as well on the very same date! It’s his debut album The World From The Side of The Moon and believe it or not, it’s actually already available for pre-order.

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The 22-year-old gave the date (though not exact) on one of his tweets on Thursday in response to a question from one of this followers. He replied with, “Only 4 more songs to sing!”

Phillip who scored a major hit with the single Home has been keeping his fans in on the loop for the past months as he logs his progress (i.e. recording sessions) on his Twitter feed telling them that he’s been “working very hard on the album.” He even gave his fans and Twitter followers a tease of the album’s title on October 13 which read, “Goodnight world…see you when the moon gets tired.”

Watch this short clip from 2P’s interview with MTV:

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