Feel The Sting of Izzy Azalea’s and Rita Ora’s ‘Black Widow’

For starters, Black Widow was supposed to be in the original line-up for Katy Perry’s Prism, but it somehow didn’t make the cut. After Perry handed it over to Australian hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea to be worked over, the former pop track shot up into the Top 10 charts, making it Azalea’s third Top 10 hit!
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Review: ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ by Rita Ora

U.K. pop bombshell Rita Ora returns with a new single titled I Will Never Let You Down, which she describes as an ‘uplifting love song.’ And uplifting it is, with a catchy dance beat and summery synth accents.

Image source: Josepvinaixa.Com

Sporting an edgy new coif, Ora charms her way through her newest video, which you can watch after the jump.

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Review: Rita Ora’s ‘Radioactive’

Rita Ora’s been having quite a great performance in the UK charts since launching her self-titled debut album Ora on August 2012. With three of its tracks entering (the UK’s) top ten chart, with two of them hitting the number one spot, she has yet to make her presence felt in the US. Hopefully, she’d be able to get a push once her upcoming single Radioactive gets released on February 11th.

Radioactive is different compared to her other singles in that it’s dominated by a good amount of hard pumping bass which, combined with the song’s upbeat tempo, makes it perfect for club playing. The fact that it sounds like a good pop record makes it a radio-friendly track too. The lyrics are pretty catchy, particularly the soaring chorus, but then that is to be expected since it is co-written by Sia, the same person behind Rihanna’s hit single Diamonds.

Image source: Vibe

This song has a potential of becoming a hit though after listening to it a few more times I feel like it won’t be able to even come close to her other hits like R.I.P. or How We Do. Let’s just hope that it’d at least surpass her last single Shine Ya Light.

Check Out Red-Hot Rita Ora In ‘Radioactive’ Music Video

Image source: Style.Mtv.Com

Rita Ora has just recently released a new music video for her new US single Radioactive, from her Roc Nation debut studio album ORA.

The sexy sci-fi video features Ora in an extraterrestrial scene where she shows off her tight bottom and toned legs in a futuristic outfit. Now it is said that she may have deliberately released the video as a saucy comeback to her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian, after he allegedly dissed her on Twitter.

Image source: Hollywoodlife.Com

Rita apparently saw it from a different view. “I’m not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn’t work because I was never there. I was like a ghost. I used to get so frustrated with myself and then wonder why I was angry, so I decided it was best to keep it friendly – especially at the moment, when there’s so much going on,” she said in an interview with Glamour UK.

“If you want to do my job, you have to suck it up, because it goes hand-in-hand with what you’re doing,” she also says of her career interfering with her personal life. “At the end of the day, the media are helping you – they’re what you need. You can turn around and punch a paparazzo in the face, or you can keep moving and let them get the shot, but that’s not what you should be worried about. The main concern should be getting respect for your music.”

Despite the rumors, the 22-year-old UK pop singer had her breakthrough this 2012 and is scheduled to go on tour in the U.K. starting January 28.

Watch her Radioactive music video here: