The Who Frontman Awarded Honorary Degree

Roger Daltrey, frontman of British rock band The Who, graduated at age 68 and was awarded an honorary degree by Middlesex University. The award was given to people who made big contributions to their profession and community.

Daltrey’s contribution to the music and acting industry has been recognized, releasing records with The Who as well as being a solo artist and also performing in TV, films and stage productions. He joined hundreds of graduate students, some of whom have contributed visuals to the US tour of his rock opera Tommy.

The singer said, “If I had the power to give honors, the students would be getting extra honorary degrees from me. After having the privilege of working with them on my production of The Who’s Tommy, I was amazed with their vision and creativity. I look forward to seeing more of their work knowing that, within the visual creative industries, the future is a bright one. For me to receive this degree is an honor indeed.”

As what Middlesex University Vice-Chancellor Michael Driscoll said of him: “Roger Daltrey is one of the greatest musicians Britain has produced and he has been successful at everything he has turned his hand to.”

Roger Daltrey performing with his band The Who from The Kids Are Alright.