Rolling Stones: ‘Doom And Gloom’

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The older the wine, the better it gets. It seems that this saying fits perfectly with the Rolling Stones. The legendary rock band from the 60′s is back with a new single Doom and Gloom and they’re still on a roll, rockin’ the house down with their trademark bluesy rock feel.

The band is still intact with their lineup that includes drummer Charlie Watts, guitarists Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and singer Mick Jagger. With the release of new materials and also celebrating their 50th anniversary in the music industry, it means that we’re going to see a lot of Jagger moves again.

Doom and Gloom is like an upgraded sound of the band, compared to their early records way back wherein they sounded raw. This one has kept in tune with the present time and kids of today will experience their brand of music, which I would say is way better and cooler than the current bands.

Here’s the band’s music video of Doom and Gloom.

Celebrity Guests Will Perform in Rolling Stones’ Pay-Per-View Special on December 16th

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The English rock band Rolling Stones is scheduled to celebrate their last tour date for their 50th anniversary. There are some high-profile guests who will perform on the said event such as the veteran rock singer Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and the Black Keys that will be live via telecast this Sunday, December 16 at 1pm AEDT.

The anniversary will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

The band posted a statement on their website declaring, “We’re excited these extraordinary artists, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and the Black Keys, had agreed to help celebrate our 50th anniversary as we share the night live with our fans all over the world. Now the fun begins of trying to figure out the best songs to perform together.”

American singer-songwriter Gaga seemingly didn’t take much convincing to join the event, based on her tweets:


The show is the last of the band’s three U.S. 50 and Counting performances this month, plus a pair of shows in London last November where there were some guests including Jeff Beck and Mary J. Blige, and Eric Clapton and Florence Welch. Also, the English rock band will be performing this week to join the 12-12-12 concert and help raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Get more details on how you can catch this event at Main Event.

No Satisfaction At All At Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour

Talk about irony. Fans of the rock legend Rolling Stones didn’t get the satisfaction they were hoping for on Sunday night when time – or rather the curfew, to be exact – caught up with the program schedule and prevented the British band from performing one of their three encore songs: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

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The rock icons were scheduled for a two-and-a-half-hour performance at the O2 Arena, which was supposed to start at 8PM sharp but Mick Jagger and the rest of his crew didn’t get to appear on stage until almost 8:30PM. That said, what could’ve been the band’s 30-minute window was already lost and therefore also left with nothing more than one extremely tight timetable.

This is the Rolling Stones’ first time to take the stage together once again since 2007. It is also just the first of their five-date mini tour to commemorate their 50th anniversary seeing them being joined by former members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

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I guess the fans just had to settle for singing what turned out to be a very fitting song to sing at the end…in a capella.

Documentaries For Rolling Stones And Beyonce Coming Soon

HBO has announced that they’ll be airing a documentary on the Rolling Stones this coming fall as part of the celebration of the band’s 50th Anniversary.

“This documentary has the full involvement of the four current band member – Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ron – as well as the former band members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor,” said HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo, adding, “We’ll follow the band from their early club days through their arrival as the greatest band in the world.”

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The feature film is directed by Brett Morgan, who is best known for The Kid Stays in the Picture. “We’ve been looking under every rock, going through their archives. It will be music never heard before, and I’ve conducted 50-plus hours of interviews so far. By the time we’re done, they will be the most extensive group interviews they’ve ever done,” said Morgan.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is also looking forward to starring, directing and producing her own documentary as well. The singer is reportedly prepping a movie about her life and career, including both concert footage and interview segments. The said documentary is said to currently being shopped to studios, and once it pushes through, it will be following the other superstar-focused films like Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never and Katy Perry’s Part of Me.

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To give an idea of what her docu-film might look like, Beyonce has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of her preparations for a 3-night run at Atlantic City’s Revel in May. Also, she posted quite a lot of personal photos on her Tumblr site, which she launched in April.