Review: Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ Music Video

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Yesterday we featured Soundgarden’s latest single By Crooked Steps from their new album King Animal, which became available last November 2012, after they released their comeback single Been Away Too Long. The video was directed by the band’s long-time friend and contemporary Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

Grohl was able to pull off some humor to the track’s heaviness and seriousness, which is quite a feat, considering that Chris Cornell and the gang act acted in a comical fashion in the video, which also features a cameo of DJ sensation Deadmau5.

In this video, the band plays a biker gang. First they play a serious game of poker, but the story becomes hilarious when they end up riding Segways instead of Harley Davidsons. Then the get to a dance club where they bully the DJ him off the stage so they could play their hard-rocking song. In the end, they get busted by Deadmau5.

It’s nice to see the lighter side of the band and Grohl did an amazing job at creating these wild ideas and executing them perfectly. I found this video hilarious in many parts, and you’ll enjoy it too especially if you’re a fan of both Soundgarden and Dave Grohl.

Here’s the behind the scenes.

Watch the music video premiere.

Dave Grohl Directs Soundgarden’s New Single ‘By Crooked Steps’

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Rock musician-film director Dave Grohl who might actually be the hardest-working man in show business, directed the new music video for Soundgarden’s By Crooked Steps.

The video shows Soundgarden cruising around the streets of LA with a knavish cop played by Deadmau5. “I had an idea. I got a copy of the record and the third song By Crooked Steps was a signature, instantly recognizable Soundgarden song and the rest was history,” the director said.

The new single is from King Animal, Soundgarden’s first album in almost sixteen years. It was co-produced by the band with record producer Adam Kasper at Studio X.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell and other band members Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd are seen rocking the throng in the music video.

The lead vocalist Cornell said, “It’s one of the earlier songs that we started working on, but I also felt like it, to me, is like definitely sort of a new chapter for us. If you wanted to take one example of Soundgarden progressing, that’s a good one for me.”

The band officially released the video today. You can watch it below:

Soundgarden Guitarist Slams Accusations Against Reunion

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Two years have passed and the reunion is still going strong: Soundgarden continues to play good tunes together and are very likely to create more new music in the future.

With the band finally releasing King Animal, its first album in 16 years, there are some media members and even peers that question their motives for getting together again, and guitarist Kim Thayil has slammed their accusations.

During an interview with The Phoenix, Thayil stressed that the reunion happened in an organic way, and that it was not a ‘cash grab’ but a way to preserve their legacy.

He credited drummer Matt Cameron for starting it off by offering the band fresh material. “Matt brought it up,” Thayil said. “He had some songs which he had demoed that he wanted us to learn. He thought these songs were Soundgarden-like and that they might have been more appropriate for us than Pearl Jam and he wanted to hear us play them so we said, ‘Sure; we’ll go to the studio and learn your ditties.’ And we did and we had a blast and we love the songs and other ideas were coming out. Chris had some, I had some, Ben had some and we just started jamming.”

Soundgarden has also announced their reunion tour via their official website.

Review: Soundgarden’s Latest Album ‘King Animal’

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As a fan of Soundgarden, I’ve been watching out for their latest album King Animal. They’ve reunited after more than a decade and after finally hitting the shelves last November, I was able to get a copy I would say that the group still has it and their songs rock!

Although the songs aren’t as heavy as the ones heard on Louder Than Love and its predecessors, this is their best release since Superunknown. It’s like yeah they’ve sounded a li’l bit different now, the tunes are more on easy listening, but overall they’re still the Soundgarden you have been accustomed to hear back in the 90′s.

The album’s tracks have a mix of heavy and mid-eastern vibe riffs from guitarist Kim Thayil that I really like, so much that they became an inspiration on the songs I’m writing. Ben Shepherd’s basslines are still awesome and then there are the trademark Matt Cameron oddly timed drumbeats, which is a far cry from what he does in Pearl Jam. Of course, Chris Cornell’s voice is as powerful as ever which puts some of the former great rock singers to shame.

There are a couple of recorded tunes with acoustic guitar like Halfway There and Black Saturday, which remind me of Burden in my Hand with Halfway having that “pop” feel. What I mean here is that it’s more radio-friendly and more suited to mainstream listeners.

I really love listening to this album and it didn’t disappoint me. Chris Cornell was right when he said that the songs on the album would be far different from the one they’ve released on the Avengers soundtrack.

Listen to the full album King Animal here:

Soundgarden Returns With New Single From ‘King Animal’

After 15 long years since their initial break-up, 90′s grunge and alternative rock band Soundgarden returns with a new upcoming album called King Animal, which is due for release on November 13. And they kick it off with the single aptly entitled Been Away Too Long.

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Aside from the new album, the band has also announced its winter tour dates starting with Washington, D.C., including two gigs in their hometown at Seattle’s Paramount Theater on 2013.

Check out the music video for Been Away Too Long below, which features a young girl in a straitjacket being pursued by a group of mysterious men with gas masks and tracking dogs.

Soundgarden Unleashes New Single ‘Been Away Too Long’

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Soundgarden is streaming its latest single Been Away Too Long and it’s a fitting title since the band has been away too long. You may have missed them for the past 15 years, but here they are back to regain the lost glory of rock.

Fans of the Seattle grunge scene have tasted its first song since the reunion in Live to Rise, which appeared on The Avengers movie soundtrack. Its fast-paced tempo, hard, heavy booming riffs, and oddly timed jackhammer percussion have that signature aggressiveness that fans have always loved.

The new song will be part of their upcoming album King Animal, the band’s first album of all-original material since 1996’s Down on the Upside. Recorded at Studio X in Seattle, it is co-produced by the band and longtime friend Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam). The album will hit the shelves on November 13.