New Technology Has Music Made by Brainwaves

What if you can create music just by using your thoughts, what would it be like? Recent technology has been creating a buzz lately because there’s a program that can now do that.

Image source: BBC

According to BBC, programmer Adam Williams and his team composed of Robert Wollner and Alex Wakeman have created a special program that allows you to make music via your brainwaves. Using a brainwave-sensing headset, you can dictate and have the power to compose musical pieces.

Known as the Soul Filter, it debuted at Art Hack which 3beard company has organized. The event is a special gathering of East London’s startup community.

According to Williams, the headset takes on the raw electrical impulses that the brain signals on the headset then the data it gathers goes to the computer. A set of formulas shows its calculations on how engaged the person is and those measurements are used in generating the music.

Williams said in an interview that they took the brief of ‘take any data and turn it into art’ then decided to have people’s brains get scanned because there’s an interesting source of data in it.

This latest project has made a big leap towards the future of music creation and breaks down the boundaries of composing interesting melodies.

In this video, Williams’ father offers up his brainwaves and takes a turn to give this new technology a try.